When Should Law Firms Hire A Marketing Agency?

Every law firm wishes they had that dream client that would pay every single bill that arrives at the end of the month. Unfortunately, the reality can be far from that dream. Every law firm needs to grow and attract more clients, and marketing their services is a tried and tested way to achieve this.

While the legal industry is fast-paced and hectic, making time to increase effective marketing efforts definitely makes a difference. But what if there are too many responsibilities that can’t be put aside for marketing? This is where a dedicated law firm marketing agency shines brightest.

law firm marketing agency

Your Time Is Yours

Great marketing strategies require a lengthy amount of time reserved for planning, developing and implementing campaigns. There is a misconception that these campaigns are costly, but when you consider all of the facets of marketing that is covered by a comprehensive strategy, you’ll know how practical it is to hire an experienced partner.

From social media to search engine optimization, there are numerous avenues that you and your marketing agency can explore. While you don’t need to take advantage of every single vehicle, your marketing agency will help you figure out where your audience is waiting and which techniques to use to attract and keep them. If you decide to take on the monumental tasks associated with marketing all by yourself, you’ll be taking away time that you should be spending on actually speaking with current and potential clients.


Avoid Expensive In-House Marketing Employees

Why would you hire a single in-house marketing employee when you can enlist the services of a professional team of experienced marketers? An experienced law firm lets you take advantage of the expertise that several marketers offer instead of just relying on one person to tackle every single aspect of the job.

Many marketing agencies have separate professionals who are considered as veterans in their industry, such as web developers, SEO specialists, social media strategists and public relations managers. Aside from these benefits, hiring an agency makes better financial sense. There’s no need to worry about benefits, taxes or other additional fees associated with in-house employees. The marketing agency already has all the resources that they need to create and implement your marketing plan, such as computers, programs and other tools.

Learning how to market your law firm is essentially like learning how to speak a new language. When there’s so much you need to be responsible for, it’s impractical to try and master SEO, social media, PPC advertising and content marketing among many other tasks. The best firms know when to outsource and when to keep things in-house. Seeing several marketing programs to success is part of the former!



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