5 Things to Think about when Choosing a Lawyer

It’s not every day that one needs a lawyer. For most people finding a good lawyer can be challenging because they don’t even know where to begin. There are, however, five basic things you need to ask when you are in search of a lawyer.

Here are some tips the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC and Associates APLC shares with its first time clients.

1. Are you working with the lawyer you want or passed off to an associate?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of utter loss and betrayal when you find your choice of attorney passing you on to a younger, less experienced legal counselor. From the very beginning, you need to be very clear about who exactly will be representing you in case you decide to go to court or if you will be deposed.

At the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC, first time clients could consult with senior partners initially to determine the gravity of the case.

Being referred to a younger associate is fine if the case is not too grave, but as a client, you want to increase your chances of winning against the other side. Clear this first with the lawyer you are consulting with, and get to know the main attorney you will be working with.

2. What are your lawyer’s credentials?

Once you know who will be working directly with you on your case, it is time to do some background checks. Things to look at include the school your attorney graduated from, how many years s/he has been in practice, and what cases s/he has handled before.

You can also look at how many times the lawyer has been to court, or if s/he is more likely to direct you to a settlement.

You might also want to look into the winning rate of the law firm s/he works for, and if the settlement, if you suspect that you would be going in that direction, worked for the defense’s side.

3. How experienced is your lawyer with cases like yours?

Specialty is always a big deal, even for diverse firms like the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC. There are lawyers who do extremely well in litigation, or in family law, in taxation, or in personal injury cases. Depending on your case, you would want your main lawyer to be specializing in the specific area you are dealing with.

Of course, as cases tend to be less simplistic once in court, having a specialized lawyer work with other lawyers who specialize in other areas could work to your favor as well.

4. How is your lawyer going to be paid?

From the onset, find out how your lawyer or law firm is going to bill you. You would want legal representation but you do not want to be bankrupt just because you have chosen the wrong firm to work with.

Other firms offer pro bono services, or offer to have free services initially, and just charge fees from your settlement money when you win. Look into those options and weigh them.

5. How is the reputation of the law firm?

While all courts try to perform with as little bias as possible, the reputation of the law firm or the lawyer representing you can sometimes affect your success in court.

If you want reputable lawyers with a good chance of winning your case, you should contact the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC. Get the legal guidance you deserve.

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