8 Questions to Ask before Hiring a DWI Lawyer

Have you or your loved one been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? When such a situation occurs, the first thing that comes to mind is finding a reliable DWI Lawyer to represent you. Unfortunately, while there may be a large pool of lawyers in your area, it is unlikely that they will all provide the kind of representation that you like.

Another dilemma that you are likely to face is whether to defend yourself or hire a professional. This should not even be thought twice, because you can never match the skill set of an experienced lawyer who knows what to expect in court. You are always sure of a fairer ruling when you have the backing of one of the best minds in the legal profession.

In this guide, we explore the most important questions that you should ask an attorney to gauge their ability to save you from huge fines or jail.

1. How Long have You Been Practicing?

When you get a list of attorneys operating in your locality, you will notice that they have been in practice for a different duration. While some of them are veterans in this field, others are new. The best option is to choose someone who has been around for long enough to understand everything about the profession.

You should understand that attorneys gather some skills during the practice, and they may not be part of what is taught in law school. These skills make them better with each case that they handle. Because of that, those who have been doing it for many years are likely to understand your unique needs than newbies.

With more experience, an attorney will become more versed with the following tasks during the DWI case:

  • Collecting evidence
  • Preparing a plea
  • Explaining the circumstances that led to the case
  • Negotiating for a lenient punishment if you are guilty
  • Keeping you up to date with the developments of the case

2. How Many Cases Have You Defended Successfully as a DWI Lawyer?

Let the attorney tell you about their success rate for the period they have been working on DWI cases. You will notice that while some of them win almost every case, others do not have an impressive record. Such information will make it easy for you to know the lawyers to pick and chose to ignore.

You may also want to know the technicality of those cases before you judge the ability of a lawyer to defend you. For example, sometimes a DWI lawyer may have a 100% success rate because they only picked straightforward cases and they had little work to do in the court. On the other hand, a lawyer may have a lower success rate because they took up complex cases.

It would help if you assessed your case and determined if it is complex or straightforward. The aim is to give it to someone who has proven that they can handle similar cases. Otherwise, you may end up picking someone with a 100% success record, but who is not the best DWI lawyer to handle your situation.

3. Do You Have Any Certifications?

Once a DWI defense lawyer meets the academic requirements to join the practice, they can start working on various cases. However, that does not make them the best minds out there. On the contrary, certifications make them even better because they show that they have met further requirements.

The professionals often have to sit for a series of examinations from various professional bodies before being certified. The certifications may show that they stick to ethical practices or are always willing to offer additional support. With certification, you are sure that you are not going to get ordinary services.

Another reason you should trust a certified attorney is the difficulty they go through to get that recognition. Once they have it, they will never want to lose it, and so they will do their best to provide professional services. Such lawyers are likely to be transparent and reachable all the time, which works to your advantage.

4. What Percentage of Your Practice is Dedicated to DWI?

You will find lawyers who have a vast portfolio that handles almost every case under the sun. Although they may be reputable and always in demand, you should seek to know the causes that make them popular. Maybe they are celebrated because of cases that are not even related to DWI offenses.

You have to ask them about the percentage of their practice that is dedicated to DWI. For instance, if they are a firm with ten attorneys, you may want to know how many of them specialize in this type of case. It will give you an idea of how much seriousness they attach to DWI and how likely they will take your case seriously.

Another advantage of knowing the percentage of their company dedicated to this case is the opportunity to narrow it down to specific individuals. Instead of focusing on a firm, you can pick the names of the individual lawyers and look at their qualifications, experience, reputation, and many other things.

5. Do You Have Enough Staff to Handle Cases?

Knowing how many staff work under an attorney is important because it gives a picture of your services’ quality of services. Most of the time, you will be visiting their offices to get services that may not be directly related to court proceedings. For instance, you may go there to file papers, collect reports, and many other things.

The attorney may not be in when you visit, so you will be working with clerks, secretaries, and other staff. If these people are not enough to handle the work, you can be sure that your services will be delayed. Of course, this will affect your case, too, and that is why you should know about it.

An attorney who operates as a lone ranger may not be the best option because you will not get any services when attending other cases. For example, a reputable Dallas DWI lawyer may be listening to five cases at a time, and they may not have time to spend at their office. Therefore, they should have other staffs who will attend to you when you seek information.

6. How Long do You Expect the Case to Take?

Everyone wants their cases to conclude fast so that they can focus on other important things in life. However, when you look at some of the cases in your state, you will notice that some conclude quickly while others drag on for long. Some of these cases have been going on for years, with no conclusion.

Although each case is unique and the evidence determines how it ends, the attorney handling it also determines its duration. Professionals who understand how to move around the justice corridors will always know how to make the judges conclude the case fast. That is because they know what the judges want to hear and see.

The best attorneys can speed up the case by collecting all the evidence that the court may ask. They will also stick to the process and follow all rules to avoid repeating or canceling the process. They usually put everything to make sure that no time is wasted during the process.

7. Do You Have Access to Experts and Investigators?

Although most offenders rush to think about things such as DWI lawyer cost, the contacts, and networks of these attorneys should be considered even more. You will notice that they will unearth crucial evidence that puts you off the hook if they have access to the best investigators. They will also find it easy to counter the evidence that your accusers may have against you.

Access to any expert in the justice system will also make it easy for you to get a better result out of this case. These experts always have valuable information that helps attorneys to mount a formidable defense. It also builds their confidence, which makes them even better during the process.

8. Do You Teach Other DWI Lawyers?

If they are experts in DWI cases, they may be important to everyone in the industry, and so they will always get invitations to forums and seminars. Inquire if they have ever spoken at any of those seminars and if they impacted the audience. This will tell you how much they know about the entire case.

It would be best if they trained other attorneys because that makes them an authority in this field. The best DWI lawyers spend their time in courts and teach younger professionals how to be successful in their work. They draw their satisfaction in mentoring others.

Get a DWI Attorney to Defend You

Now that you know the questions to ask a DWI lawyer and the answers to expect, you should know where to get them. You may want to search the local directories, but that may not be enough. Instead, try an online search and select from a long list of attorneys near you.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how you are always sure of a fairer ruling when you have the backing of one of the best minds in the legal profession. I was listening to a news program on the radio while working last night and I heard about a piece of news regarding a DWI incident. DWI is a pretty serious offense, so hiring a DWI attorney is definitely a must.

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