Real Estate
Cost of Buying Property in Spain

So, you're thinking about buying a house in Spain? Well, congratulations! It's definitely an exciting decision to make. But before you start packing your bags, ...

Clear Your Property of a Tenant With This Eviction Notice Example

Did you know that 44.1 million Americans are renters? Your tenant is the worst tenant ever. They destroy the house, and they don't pay rent--the list goes ...

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Eviction Company as Landlord

Evicting a tenant can be challenging, especially if you have no experience. That's where landlord eviction services like Rocket Eviction come in - they are ...

What You Need to Challenge the Taxable Value of Your Home in New Jersey?

Whenever a tax assessor over-assesses the taxable value of a home, the property tax bill will be unfairly high. Here we will describe the ways in which a New ...

What Is The Work Of A Property Conveyancing Lawyer?

Most people tend to find the role of a conveyancing lawyer quite confusing. At the first glance, most people think the purchase of a new or existing home is ...

Miami-Dade Certificate of Occupancy

In the ever changing property market there are terms which you should familiarize yourself with that will help you in the process to get you on your way to ...

Student Renters – Know Your Legal Tenancy Rights

Heading off to Uni is an unbelievably exciting time for young people, but it’s also a daunting time! One of the most exciting aspects of heading off to ...

The Signs That Tell You Hired a Diligent Solicitor

When buying your own home, especially for the first time, it important not just to make sure that the transaction is worth the while, but also that you have ...

Who Benefits from Property Conveyancing and How?

Though hiring a property conveyancer is beneficial for both buyers and sellers of land or property, it is most beneficial for the buyer to use these services. ...

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