What To Do When You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

No matter your age, sex, or gender, experiencing a sexual assault is a horrifying ordeal. In addition to the physical harm, you are often left to cope with mental and emotional anguish long after the incident has occurred.

But even while being a horrendous act, sexual assault is unfortunately common and can be experienced by people from all walks of life. That is why it’s important to know what steps you need to take after experiencing such an incident.

From seeking medical advice to hiring sexual assault lawyers, here’s what you need to keep in mind while pursuing justice for yourself.

Seek Emergency Medical Attention

The first step that comes after experiencing a sexual assault is to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Once you have made sure that you are away from harm, you must seek urgent medical care if you need it.

In addition to tending to any visible injuries, this step also allows you to collect DNA samples through a sexual assault kit. More commonly known as a rape kit, this could later act as critical evidence if you choose to bring the case to court.

Reach Out to Sexual Assault Lawyers

Whether you want to bring the alleged assailant to court or not is ultimately your decision. But if you think that you are ready to explore your legal options, you must reach out to a sexual assault attorney.

These lawyers specialize in sexual assault cases and hold sufficient experience in handling the intricacies attached to these scenarios. With their help, you can bring some ease to the otherwise complicated process of getting the assailant to justice.

Contact Law Enforcement to Report the Case

After you have gone through the steps of medical assistance, evidence collection, and legal assistance, you can report the case to law enforcement. While you can also combine this step during your medical care procedure, it’s better to have legal representation by your side.

Once you have filed a police report, your sexual assault lawyers will be able to have the grounds to pursue the case in court. The process can be lengthy and excruciating, but having expert legal counsel by your side can help.

Keep in Touch With Your Attorneys

While your attorneys or legal team file the lawsuit, you can wait for updates as you make sure that you are physically and mentally in a safe space. In some cases where enough evidence is available, the police may move forward with arresting the assailant. Nearly all scenarios, you may have to wait for a hearing.

In either case, your attorney will keep you updated on the proceedings of the case. They will also prepare you for providing your testimony and argue your case in court when the time comes. After going through the available evidence and arguments, a judge would declare their ruling.

While the steps are unfortunately lengthy and seem like nothing short of a challenge, it’s essential to go through them if you want to seek justice against the harm inflicted on you. By having experienced legal expertise by your side, you can ensure that you do not feel alone in this distressing legal battle.

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