What Makes a Good Criminal Lawyer?

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, chances are good that you are going to want to find the very best lawyer that is available to you. With that being said, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to figure out who really is a great criminal lawyer.

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge or a felony, having an intelligent and experienced lawyer is crucial. That’s because having a great criminal lawyer is key to winning your case.

So if you are interested in the characteristics that fantastic Philadelphia criminal lawyers have, keep reading to find out!

The ability to investigate

This is arguably the single most important characteristic that great criminal lawyers need to have. It also happens to be perhaps the biggest single difference in lawyers. Oftentimes, the police have investigated a criminal case for many months or even years. The DA has also likely been briefed on the case as has the judge who will be overseeing the case. For that reason, a criminal defense lawyer is actually coming in late to the game.

Despite them coming in late to the game, a great criminal lawyer is going to have to find and dissect all of the information that best lends itself to your defense.

The ability to negotiate

Everyone knows that all types of lawyers have to be great negotiators, but that fact is even more true for criminal defense lawyers. While some people think that negotiating is really just a kind of fighting – especially if you watch a lot of movies with lawyers in them – there is actually a lot more to it. Legal negotiation is just as much as science as it is an artform. The two primary factors that have to be considered in legal negotiation is what does a person deserve and what is the likelihood of conviction if the case proceeds to trial, otherwise how strong is the case for them or against them.

The ability to provide technical legal defense

This may be somewhat obvious, but a major characteristic that great criminal defense lawyers have to have is the ability to provide a technical legal defense for their clients. Most police officers are quite adept at investigating crimes, but what they are often much less skilled at is writing a report.

Great lawyers will be able to challenge many different aspects of a criminal case such as the paperwork, the initial approach to their client, the quality of the police interaction, the procedure and much more. While a technical legal defense may not be the most obvious way to fight a case, it can sometimes help people avoid major time behind bars or huge fees.

The ability to win at trial

This might be the toughest skill for any criminal defense lawyer. The ability to actually win in court is a hard one to have and comes with a mixture of innate skill and years of experience. While it may be hard to find a criminal defense lawyer that has tons of wins under their belt, it is highly important to do so!

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