How Employment Law Experts Can Help Protect Your Rights?

Employee benefits should be easily granted. However, not all employers are aware that they need to give these benefits to the people who work for them. For example: compensation for the extended hours of work or perks for staying with the company for years. Maternity leaves, loans and healthcare provisions are also a must. These are things which can only be argued with the help of employment law experts.

Employment Law Experts

Getting a raise.

Asking for a raise because you have proven yourself valuable to a company can be a tricky business if you are also at the risk of being replaced. There are many people looking for work these days. And without the help of an employment law expert from the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC, you might find yourself in competition with a newer employee who is willing to work for less. You need the help of a lawyer to make sure you are not fired in the process of negotiations. And you are at least heard. If the economy is bad and a raise is not possible; you need to still make sure that your basic rights as an employee are upheld.

Getting loans.

One of the perks of having regular employment is that you can apply for home loans and salary loans just in case your family needs the money. When you have an employment law expert to guide you. You can present your loan inquiry in such a manner that it is likely to be approved. You can also settle these things in such a way that you are not seen in a bad light by your employers. The Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC can also help protect you from getting illegally fired just in case your current employers find your loan inquiry threatening to their operations. Every employee should be given the right to at least ask for a loan without the fear of losing their jobs.

Getting paid leaves.

As an employee, you also need your rest days. You should be allowed a certain number of vacation days without the worry of earning money while you take a break because they are paid leaves. These leaves might be imposed by the state, or they could be something you signed on in your contract. When you are seeking the help of an employment law expert at the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC, bring a copy of your contract. Let your lawyer read it so you can be sure that you are getting all the work benefits you deserve.

Standardized raise per year.

You, as an employee, should also be protected from inflation. Your salary should be raised after a certain number of years. This is to make sure that even if you are not promoted, you can cope with your daily expenses. Most contracts have this. If your contract does not, you can ask an employment law expert at the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC negotiate this perk on your next term.

If you are seeking worker’s benefit compensation, you need to be ready. Your employer has a tea of lawyers to deal with you and we at Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC can be alongside you in your legal battle.

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