Recently Unemployed? An Attorney Might be Able to Help You Out

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of losing your job recently, you are not alone: high unemployment rates have been plaguing the US for a while now, and plenty of people are struggling to make ends meet.

Thankfully, there might be unemployment benefits available to give you a hand up and allow you to find your feet once again in the world of work.

This can undoubtedly be a confusing, strenuous, and upsetting time in anyone’s life, but tackling it one step at a time can help you gain some perspective on the matter.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed and to get yourself the benefits that you rightly deserve, you might want to turn to an attorney.

Application Support

You will need to file for unemployment benefits, and like many bureaucratic endeavors, the paperwork can be complex and difficult to understand.

A dependable DUA attorney will be able to greatly support you in this area, ensuring that the application is at the best possible level it can be and that it offers you the best shot at getting hold of the right benefits.

Missing out on potentially life-changing benefits due to something as banal and avoidable as an administration error is ludicrous, but unfortunately, it does happen.

If your application is rejected, it can draw the process out for much longer, and this is a time that you might not be able to afford to gamble with.

A seasoned and reliable professional can be a valuable ally in this regard, so don’t rule out the possibility of reaching out.

Appealing a Decision

If you feel as though the decision made by the DUA is the incorrect one, then you should appeal that decision as soon as you possibly can.

Doing this alone can be a monumental uphill struggle, especially if you need to go up against the word of a former employer, one who might already boast a strong legal team.

Without any legal experience of your own, taking on established professionals may be a fruitless endeavor no matter which way you look at it.

If you can manage to get an expert of your own onboard, then you should have a better chance at fighting your corner and getting your appeal approved.

  • It is by no means an uncommon occurrence to have an unemployment benefit claim denied, and the issue often lies with the employer. Do not panic if you are immediately denied; an attorney can make sure you get your appeal process up and running in no time.

If You Were Fired for Misconduct

If you happen to have been fired due to claims of misconduct, getting hold of unemployment benefits can be much trickier.

For starters, your employer needs fairly strong evidence to prove your misconduct if they aim to deny your appeal.

Being fired for misconduct can render you ineligible for benefits, but depending on the reason for the dismissal, your attorney might be able to help you fight your case.

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