Dual Citizenship and What It Offers

Italy offers several paths to citizenship for non-residents and how to get dual citizenship in Italy includes being of Italian descent (jure sanguinis), if you were born in Italy and later lost your citizenship, or marriage to an Italian citizen. These many opportunities for dual citizenship make it a fascinating option and having dual citizenship is very desirable for the following reasons.

Here are some reasons to seek dual citizenship.

You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Existing United States Citizenship

A common misconception is that if you acquire citizenship in another country you must give up your existing citizenship. This error is an easy one to understand as many notable countries (such as India and China) don’t let you have dual citizenship. However, the United States is not one of those countries, as defined in a Supreme Court ruling in 1952 you have the right to be a citizen of two countries and enjoy the rights and the responsibilities of both nations. So if you qualify for Italian citizenship don’t worry about perusing it as your existing United States citizenship will work alongside it just fine.

You’re More Than Just A Tourist

When you’re a citizen you gain the rights that come along with that status. These include the ability to stay as long as you like, access to social systems, and many civil rights. As an Italian citizen if you wanted to move to Italy and seek out new employment opportunities you can do so. As a dual citizen, you can also carry two passports which makes travel between the two countries you have citizenship with far easier. Also, Italy serves as a wonderful home for exploring the rest of Europe.

Opportunities and Personal Growth

Being able to travel between two countries freely offers many opportunities and not all of them are finical. Living in two different cultures broadens your perspectives and increases your knowledge. Plus if you’ve ever wanted to learn Italian living in Italy greatly increases the ease of learning the language both by exposure and opportunities to use it. Also, Italy is a vibrant culture with a long history, and being able to immerse yourself fully can be a life-changing event.

Final Thoughts

If you qualify for one of the ways to acquire Italian citizenship it is certainly something you should pursue. Dual citizenship opens many doors including international travel, living in Europe long term, business opportunities, chances for personal enrichment, and the chance to see the world from a different perspective.

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