3 Most Common Reasons for Being Denied Entry to Canada

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Setting yourself up for a hassle-free immigration into Canada is definitely worthwhile. It pays to keep informed about any hurdles that could stand in your way.  Aside from serious collusion in serious criminal activity, here is a list of the 3 main reasons that the immigration office could disallow your entry into the country.

Denied Entry: Why?

1. Financial reasons 

One of the legal requirements in Canada is that new immigrants show evidence of a minimum income level or funding derived from other financial source. The intention is to prove that you have enough resources to provide for you and your family. As a new immigrant, you will have to satisfy the official that you have sufficient arrangements for care and support without any need for government assistance. If an official is not satisfied with your financial submissions, you may be refused entry.

2. Misrepresentation

It’s vital to avoid misrepresenting yourself, even if this is a completely unintentional. Regarded as a criminal offense in Canada, this could permanently hinder future efforts to enter the country. Any facts relating to a current application, either withheld or represented, are grounds for barring entry.

In particular, these includes instances of withholding information, providing false information or providing fraudulent documentation. Any attempts to hide criminal records, including reckless or dangerous driving are considered especially serious.

3. Health Grounds

Upon entering Canada, foreign nationals will be required to produce a medical certificate; this certificate will include all the relevant details of your medical status. Valid for 12 months (from the date that they have been issued), medical certificates include health criteria that could determine whether you enter the country. Particular reasons for refusal of entry include

  • Medical conditions that could cause the ill health or endanger the health and safety of Canadian citizens
  • Medical problems that could potentially burden Canadian health or social services, if they require treatment.

Ensuring a Hassle-Free Entry

In conclusion, here are some tips for ensuring hassle-free entry into Canada:

  1. Be Meticulous:Make certain that all documents are in place and that all criteria are met before you enter Canada.It pays to make additional copies of these and to keep them in a safe place.
  2. Keep Informed: If you are unsure about particular details, it may help to hire an immigration lawyer, who will not only outline the steps to successful immigration, but provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools that will increase your chances of entry into Canada.
  3. Never Lie: Avoid intentionally excluding or hiding any information from Canadian officials, as this could permanently hinder your entry into the country.

This is a guest contribution by Niren & Associates Immigration Law Firm, immigration lawyers in Toronto.

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