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The history of innovation in the legal field is slow. Hell lawyers still love to use latin phrases whenever they can as if holding on to that piece of their history will help them produce better results for their clients.   Similarly, legal writing still relies heavily on the intricate of the blue book rather than on some uniform serial based citation system similar to that used in book publishing. Why? Because law is slow to change. So how do we get lawyers to accept innovation?

Lawyers will innovate, when tools are easy to use and enjoyable. They will innovate when the cost is right. And most importantly they will innovate when doing so helps them spend less time doing terrible work. BlueLine helps lawyers innovate by helping them write better.

This industry will be widely viewed more careful and also regular as tools allow lawyers to more quickly find mistakes in both their writing and the writing of opposing counsel. The idea isn’t just to catch little formalities and tiny errors of that sort. The idea is that by spotting many errors users can potentially find substantive errors in their writing. It obviously can be very embarrassing for a lawyer to type something wrong and then submit it to the court. But it can also be devastating and potentially malpractice to make sloppy errors. That’s the main idea. Or at least part of the main idea. We think that other ways BlueLine can help involve linking users more quickly to case law so that they can quickly read their cases and so on.

BlueLine is be a desktop-based program that reduces the time and cash lawyers pay on legal writing, writing and citation whereas at the same time rising the standard of their work product. Once users choose a document and hit ‘run’, the code converts every legal citation within the document to a link which will change users to access free on-line versions of the case. The program additionally checks quotes within the document for accuracy and helps users fix any incorrect quotes by distinguishing shut matches. With BlueLine, lawyers will minimize the time spent on the legal writing method whereas enhancing the accuracy of their work product.

BlueLine is a code program that improves the accuracy, potency and speed of the legal writing, writing and citation method. The desktop-based application works by changing each case cited within the instrument to a link and directive users to access the cases on-line for gratis. additionally, to reducing analysis fees, the program checks each quote within the document for accuracy and helps user’s correct quotes by distinguishing shut matches. Now that you have BlueLine, lawyers will cut back the time spent cite-checking and proofreading whereas rising their work product.

By editing their briefs with a tool like this BlueLine it is easy to be a better lawyer. There is a real question as to whether or not lawyers will jump to the challenge. But hopefully they will. The industry requires them to.

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