What to Do If You’ve Had a Car Accident

Accidents happen every day and being involved in one can be a rather unsettling experience. It’s a thing most of us tend to ignore because we think we are good drivers and that it may never happen.

No one wants to sit down and think about such things, but sometimes not being prepared about and not knowing what to do could cost you an arm and a leg… literally. No one really plans to get involved in an accident, although perhaps, you should.

Here are a few things one should do in the probability that they get into a car accident.

Always Stop First

It is your legal obligation to come to an immediate stop when you get involved in an accident regardless of whether you are the one who’s been hit or caused the accident. Even if you think no damages may have been caused, you need to stop your car and check for any possible injuries on yourself or your passengers.

Call a Car Accident Attorney

Getting in touch with an experienced car accident attorney should be a matter of high priority especially if it could lead to a legal affair. However, this may be dependent on how bad the situation is. Small collisions may not require one.

Furthermore, a car accident means you have to deal with insurance companies. Be sure the car accident attorney you hire knows how to challenge Insurance companies since most of them will offer the smallest settlement they think you will accept.

Contact the Police

A legal report is required even if it’s a small accident that has just happened. If the police have not arrived at the scene on their own accord, call them and report the extent of property damage or injuries if there are any.

Accurate details of the accident such as time, date, location, and contact details should be recorded after which the police should be able to advise on the way forward.

Do Not Admit Fault

You have to be very careful about anything that you say. Primarily, make sure you do not admit to being at fault to anyone even if you are aware it is your fault. Uttering a simple “sorry” can imply acknowledgment of being at fault and can be used against you in an insurance claim.

Also, avoid blaming the other party. It is advised that you leave the issue to the experts to decide who is at fault.

Remember To Take Pictures

Most drivers today have access to mobile phones with in-built cameras. It could prove useful in the future if you took photographic evidence of damages in case there is a dispute regarding which driver was at fault.

Winding It Up

Although we have given you a few tips on how to handle yourself when a car accident happens, it does not mean that you should be any less careful on the road. Take care of yourself and respect other road users.

Adhere to the mandated laws and unwritten laws of the road such as being courteous or giving way to avoid getting involved in an accident.

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