Two Catastrophic Injuries Possible in a Car Crash

Driving is a daily activity that most people don’t think much about. One thing that they may not consider is that their safety is in the hands of every driver on the roadways when they leave home. As long as everyone is driving safely, there won’t be any issues.

It only takes one driver to cause a crash. Drivers who are fatigued, distracted, or aggressive can do things that lead to wrecks. Unfortunately, innocent people are often left to deal with the impacts of the negligent driver’s actions. They can suffer catastrophic injuries that dramatically change their life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent paralysis and other challenges. Immediate medical care is necessary for these injuries. Some people have significant effects of the injury in the days immediately following the crash. Those might abate as the swelling in the spinal cord goes down.

Doctors place spinal cord injuries into two categories. These are complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that the nerves in the area are completely severed, so the person doesn’t have any function in the area controlled by that area of the spinal cord.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are common in car crashes. One thing that people don’t realize is that a hit to the head isn’t necessary to suffer this type of injury. The brain can suffer damage if it slams into the skull, which is possible at the time of impact.

The symptoms of a brain injury won’t always show up right away. It can take days to weeks for the signs that something is amiss to appear. Victims may notice a persistent headache that doesn’t get any better with rest. They may also have other symptoms, such as vision changes, fatigue, dizziness, or nausea.

Getting prompt medical care for signs of a brain injury provides the victim with a recovery plan. This could include complete brain rest, which means they’d be unable to return to work until the injury is healed.

Legal Action is Possible

Treating these catastrophic injuries can be costly. The medical costs alone are often exorbitant. The victim might not be able to work due to the injuries, which means they have an increase in expenses at a time when they’re dealing with a loss of income. This can lead to financial devastation.

These victims may opt to seek compensation from the party whose negligence led to the crash. This is done in the civil court system and is subjected to strict state-imposed deadlines. Because you need to be able to focus on healing and rebuilding your life, working with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer is beneficial if you were injured in this area.

It’s imperative that you include all the possible damages that you’ve incurred or that you will incur. Once the case is settled, you can’t come back to ask for more money later. Your attorney can look into similar cases to determine what reasonable future costs you might have to pay so they can be sure your claim for compensation includes those.

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