5 Things You Should Always Do if You Have an Accident at Work

You go to work day in and day out. Nothing ever happens in the warehouse, and that’s a good thing until it’s not. One day when someone isn’t paying attention, a crane comes loose and falls.

The crane crushes someone’s leg and now someone has been seriously injured because of human negligence. Unfortunately for him, the company will try to put it all on him.

An accident can happen at work at any time. Sometimes they can be lethal. When they happen, you should be covered. Here are five things to do when an accident at work occurs and threatens your livelihood.

1. Get Medical Help Immediately

When the accident first occurs, the first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention. This is for several reasons:

  1. It ensures a mostly accurate and correct assessment and diagnosis of the injury
  2. It ensures the legitimacy of your injuries, and
  3. The paperwork is a means of documentation for future reference to prove that this actually happened at work

2. Report Your Injury and Make Sure It’s Recorded

This begins with the medical attention step, but once that is complete you should thoroughly report the injury to your immediate superior as soon as possible.

It’s not enough to let someone know though. You should go the extra mile to make sure it is recorded because oftentimes work injuries go unreported. To avoid this, either do it yourself or go with them to record it.

3. Record Your Progress and Symptoms

This helps keep your employer abreast of the situation and potentially can benefit you in the long run.

How are you healing after the accident? Are there any lingering issues? Will this make you have to retire early? All these questions can and should be answered.

4. Make a Note of Your Lost Wage Amount

In tandem with recording your progress, if you are not still being paid while in recovery make a detailed account of how much you were to make if you were still able to work.

When you return, you can submit your records to receive your lost wages. And if they do not do this, it is an even better means to build a case against the company with all the other records you have compiled.

5. Know When to Speak to an Attorney

It should go without saying that if a loved one died on the job, you should call an attorney. A wrongful death case allows the family to earn compensation for their loved one being taken away from them because of their job.

Not all situations are that extreme, but if you begin to see your company act differently toward you and your worker’s compensation, then that is probably the sign you need to get an attorney involved.

Benefit From an Accident At Work

Accidents do happen, and an accident at work can change your life forever. But put yourself in the position to benefit from the accident.

It may not have been your fault, but you don’t deserve to be treated like it is your fault. So go through the necessary process to ensure your proper compensation.

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