The Signs That Tell You Hired a Diligent Solicitor

When buying your own home, especially for the first time, it important not just to make sure that the transaction is worth the while, but also that you have hired a good solicitor to carry out the conveyancing process for you. Besides getting the best value for your money in terms of their services, you also need to make sure that every task you instruct them to carry out are sorted diligently while keeping you in the loop of things.

To find out if you’re on the right track with choosing a conveyancer, here are the 8 signs that say you’re hiring a really good one.


1. Expertise and Specialisation

Although every licensed lawyer can act on your behalf and work on the conveyancing process for you, not everyone is well-versed and familiar with the ins and outs of it. There’s a certain group of solicitors who specialise in this process and are dedicated in the field. This guarantees that they are able to complete the tasks as needed and answer your questions; and deal with issues or complex situations your transaction may be in.

2. Dedicated Case Handlers

Because online conveyancing is quite popular in the market, there’s a chance you’re considering one. But doing such should not stop you from ensuring that someone is always responsible for keeping you in the loop of events, accomplishments, and what else needs done. A direct line should be available in case you need to talk to them or follow up; and you can’t just be passed around to everyone in the firm while being given the runaround all the time.

3. Communication

The modern conveyancing market has adopted modern technology in terms of how paperwork is submitted and how they solicitors update their clients. Whilst the local post and face-to-face meetings are still very handy, a great number of conveyancing firms are quite efficient with handling cases and communicating with clients like you via their online facilities, SMS, and email.

4. No Move-No Fee Guarantee

A lot of conveyancing firms offer this to attract clients like you. Why? Because there’s a 1 in 3 chance that the transaction does not always complete successfully and you don’t want to spend money on something you will not see a favourable result. So it pays to really look for a few conveyancers to choose from and see how their basic fees are waived if your purchase falls through.

5. Fixed Price Offers

Gone are the hourly days when it comes to conveyancing. Although there are still experts who charge their clients by the hour, most solicitors would offer a fixed amount on their basic fees while the disbursements vary from one situation and area to another. Fixed-price conveyancing is actually beneficial as you would more or less know how much you’re going to pay your solicitor, hence you can properly set your budget.

6. Mortgage Lender Approved

There are tasks that your conveyancer will do that involves your mortgage lender, too. And in most cases lenders will require that your conveyancer is in their approved panel of conveyancers. If not, you’re likely to be required to hire someone else for that particular task, which means an additional expense for you.

7. Availability

While not totally required, your solicitor should at the very least be accessible via communication channels if you need to speak with them regarding the case’s progress. More so, you might also need to talk to them personally and hand over a few documents to help oversee your purchase’s completion.

8. Putting It in Writing

You can’t just verbally agree with a solicitor that they will work on the conveyancing process for you. As soon as you both nod on an agreement, they should be able to send you a Client Care Letter containing the breakdown of costs and terms of service. If you think something’s missing, you have every reason to ask and clarify.


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