Tarrant County District Attorney: Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice in Tarrant County District

Sharen Wilson has been elected District Attorney in December of 2020, becoming the third woman to serve as this office’s top official. Dedicated to transparency and accountability, she has revitalized the newly created Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office into a national model for the state. Her dedication to ensuring that her office operates as efficiently and effectively as possible is evidenced in the results she has achieved.

When she was elected to this position, one of the most significant accomplishments for Tarrant District Attorney Sharen Wilson was establishing an Office of Professional Responsibility (OPSR). The OPR is comprised of members that work with her office to ensure that it is ethical and that ethical standards are followed. In addition, they monitor the work of all law enforcement officials, including officers of the courts. In addition to being an important aspect of her office, the OPR makes sure that attorneys and their legal assistants follow ethical standards. Additionally, the OPR ensures that attorneys are meeting all legal requirements.

Justice in Tarrant is also focused on rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals who have made mistakes and are committed to learning from them. By developing an initiative that works closely with the courts, Wilson aims to ensure that criminals are not only held accountable, but rehabilitated so that they are able to live productive and meaningful lives.

Another important priority in Tarrant is the criminal justice system. This is a large component of the court system, and it is important to have the right lawyers who are aware of the system, able to follow its procedures, and understand how to apply the law appropriately. As a result of her efforts to make sure that the criminal justice system operates at full capacity, Wilson received many awards and recognitions for her work. She was the recipient of the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Criminal Justice System, the Attorney General of Texas award, the Governor’s Service to Texas Award, and the Attorney General of the State of Texas award.

As district attorney’s office is one of the largest offices in the State of Texas, it is important to have a strong working relationship with all of the branches of government. Because the County is home to major cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Irving, it is necessary to have a good working relationship with all levels of government and elected officials in order to ensure that they understand the needs and concerns of the people who live there. In addition to working with the district attorney’s office, this office is also responsible for maintaining public records, collecting and processing court records, and ensuring that court proceedings run smoothly.

Due to the size of the Criminal Justice System, the office has the responsibility of managing the records of every case it receives. Because they manage a multitude of cases, they must be able to prioritize cases that are complex and must handle numerous defendants.

As a result of this responsibility, the District Attorney’s Office maintains an extensive website that lists all cases handled by the department and provides access to a database where clients can find out more information about the cases. All clients have the option to view all of the information the agency holds about the case, including the details of the crime, the charges against the defendant, the victim and witnesses, and other personal information about the case. The website provides an easy to navigate interface that allows clients to search through cases and obtain information quickly.

There are two main ways to get information to the public concerning the status of cases that are pending or filed by the district attorney’s office. The first option is through the website, which provides all the information clients need to know about the case, such as names, dates of birth, charges, and any plea negotiations. The second option is through a free publication call that allows clients to call and speak directly with the district attorney for questions and concerns. Both options allow clients to receive updates on cases that are pending.

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