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People who face legal matters in San Antonio and hire professional personal injury lawyers have very many options. However, the question most clients ask is, how will they know which lawyer suits them best?

In San Antonio, once a client hires a lawyer to represent them in a legal matter, they automatically have the power to fight for their rights and act as their voice. Therefore, when clients are looking for an attorney to represent them in court, they need to be keen. This article contains examples of questions that each client should ask themselves before settling on an attorney.

Whether or not the law firm offers a free consultation

Most law firms, including Potts Law in San Antonio, do not charge their clients for consultation. The consultation helps the lawyers review the case, understand the situation, and offer the clients relevant advice. If a client visits a law firm and is asked to pay a consultation fee, it is advisable to look for another firm elsewhere.

The lawyer’s level of experience in dealing with cases similar to that of the client

When it comes to the law, a client stands a high chance of winning a case if they deal with a law firm with vast experience in dealing with similar cases. An attorney is willing to have a conversation with a client about the types of cases they have dealt with shows a strong character.

How the firm gives its clients a guarantee of the services

A personal injury lawyer is not in a position to guarantee their client the outcome of the case. However, Potts Law in San Antonio has a team of experienced attorneys who always keep their clients updated on each case step. Additionally, they work extra hard to ensure that they meet all their clients’ expectations.

The exact fees and how to calculate them

Before hiring a lawyer, each client needs to understand their payment responsibility. Most personal injury lawyers charge their clients on a contingent-fee basis, which means they get a percentage of what their client recovers. There have been cases whereby a client finds a lawyer and gives them a job before agreeing on the payment terms. Unfortunately, such cases end up badly for both parties.

The client needs to know who will work on their case

After identifying a law firm to represent them, most people overlook an essential step in which a lawyer will be working on their case. A law firm becomes reputable because of the professionalism displayed by the team of employees. Therefore, a client should plan a one-on-one meeting with the lawyer they intend to hire and explain everything. The importance of the meeting is that the client and the lawyer form a relationship, and they are no longer strangers.

The client needs to know how often the lawyers are available to answer questions

A good attorney is always available for their clients, even after business hours. For the queries to be addressed faster, clients need to contact their lawyers directly. The client begins to panic once their lawyer starts to avoid talking to them. A professional lawyer always picks the clients’ phone calls. If they are not in a position to answer the phone, they make it a priority to call back once they are done with other commitments.

A lawyer should constantly update their client on the progress of the case

It is normal for lawyers to get busy during the day because they deal with different cases. However, that does not mean that they cannot find a few minutes to update their clients on what is going on with their case. Potts Law’s responsibility in San Antonio is to give clients updates and answers to all their questions.

Find out if there are other ways of solving the case

Since the lawyer is a professional, they should be in an excellent position to advise the client on other ways of solving the case, as an out-of-court arrangement. Professional attorneys prefer giving their clients cost-effective and time-saving solutions because they understand that one happy client converts to many new clients.


When looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Antonio, the factors discussed above are crucial. Therefore, before a client engages a lawyer for the business, they should have all these questions at their fingertips. The good thing is that excellent attorneys are always willing to answer all the clients’ questions with honesty and integrity.

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