Responsibilities of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy can be such an emotional disturbing decision. What you don’t know is that being declared bankrupt has both positive and negative effects which you can only get to know by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy attorneys are specialized in bankruptcy laws hence are well equipped to provide you with a pathway to eliminate all your debts or reorganize them in accordance with the law. You should, however, know the key responsibilities of a bankruptcy lawyer since you will be paying them handsomely to deliver their services. These responsibilities include:

Advice You Accordingly

When you consult your attorney, they should assess your financial situation, understand your financial goals and discuss the various options of debt relief that are available. He/she should advise whether filing a bankruptcy petition is the right choice for you and if so how you should go about it. Even after filing your petition, your bankruptcy attorney should continue advising you on the complexities of bankruptcy law and on what decisions to make in various issues.

Filing Your Bankruptcy Petition

A bankruptcy lawyer should prepare type and file your bankruptcy petition. These are legal documents that filed with the court and a bankruptcy attorney knows how to go about it. He/ she should allow you to go through the petition before he files it so that you can counter-check that all your assets and creditors are listed.

Legal Representation

It is the responsibility of your lawyer to represent you in court to negotiate with creditors. They should also assist you in complying with terms set for bankruptcy and also safeguard you from creditors; they basically handle your creditors on your behalf.

Prepare You for the First Meeting with Creditors

After filing your own petition (debtor’s petition), you will be required to attend a meeting with your creditors. It is the duty of your bankruptcy attorney to discuss any potential issues and help you prepare you for any questions that the trustee in bankruptcy is likely to ask.

File Objections or Motions If Needed

Your bankruptcy attorney will address certain matters that you object/ dispute for example if you dispute a creditor’s claim against you. There may also be certain lines that you want to eliminate or in case of setoffs or counterclaim, your lawyer should address them. He should also wind up your secured debts.

Get Your Discharge

At the end of a successful bankruptcy, the court will issue discharge order which renders your dischargeable debts discharged. This relieves you the legal obligation to pay those debts and your creditors will have no legal right to demand them.

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