Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator in Melbourne  

Though Melbourne’s CBD has the highest crime rate, the city is considered the 5th safest globally. Nevertheless, certain crime rates have increased, particularly specific offences relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in Melbourne and it is up by 4.4% from the previous years.

Thus with the increasing rate of crime and offences, there can be many reasons to hire a private investigator. You must be familiar with private investigators from numerous movies and TV shows.

But what do they exactly do, and why may someone hire them? If you are in Melbourne, Australia, and dealing with a personal, legal, or business problem, a private investigator Melbourne can assist. Private investigators specialise in collecting information and evidence both for court or for your peace of mind.

A private investigator in Melbourne possesses a Vic Private Investigator license, with which they can do several things covering both criminal and civil matters. The extent of the investigation that they may cover cannot be performed by anyone else. A professional and experienced investigator will ensure that you get answers to all your questions, even on sensitive matters like infidelity. You can take the following steps appropriate to the situation.

There may be several reasons for hiring private investigators in Melbourne. Read on to discover some of them.

Background Checks

Suppose you are a business owner in Melbourne and looking forward to signing a deal with another company. In that case, you must ensure that the other organisation is as reputable as they seem to be. Private investigators can sift through the paperwork and records to reveal any red flags that may hold up your arrangement.

It’s also essential to hire the right people only for your business. Data indicates that employers in Victoria receive an average of 50 to 60 applicants per job. Don’t merely trust everyone applying for a job at your company. Investigators can check their criminal records and provide you with valuable information. Wrong employees can put your company at risk, damage your brand reputation, and halter your productivity.

Workplace Theft

Though property theft is prevalent in Melbourne, there is a seemingly new crime that is on the rise in Melbourne workplaces. Theft at the workplace can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. Private investigators can help in gathering enough information and identifying people who might be stealing from your business. They use their resources to pinpoint the perpetrator and give you a report to support criminal charges. If you suspect someone has misused your business information and resources, strongly consider contacting an investigator.

Missing Persons

Statistics indicate that about 38,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year. Whether someone is missing due to a crime, accident, debt, or broken relationship, investigators are equipped with the right resources to track them down and bring them back. Investigating a person requires a legal license that Melbourne investigators get from their state police.

Teenage Activity

If you are concerned about what your teenager son or daughter is up to, or if you want to investigate your child’s friends, an investigator in Melbourne can provide you with the information you are looking for. If your teenager is spending too many night outs and you suspect that he/she is lying, an investigator can give you a clear picture of what’s going on. The government of Melbourne has a dedicated youth policy, Future Directions, that focus on helping troubled teenagers aged between 12 to 24 reach their full potential.


Drug use is a common part of Australian nightlife, though primarily for recreational use. Gambling is another bad habit that can rob you of your finances. Suppose you are concerned about your child’s, partner’s, or spouse’s bad habits and addictions. In that case, private investigators can keep an eye on the person and collect enough evidence to allow confrontation with proof.


According to the Family Law Act 1975, adultery can serve as a foundation for a divorce between couples. No one would want to believe that their spouse is unfaithful towards them. But adultery does happen and leads to several divorces every year. The divorce rate in Melbourne is higher with couples after 4 years of marriage, primarily due to suspicion of infidelity or cheating. A private investigator in Melbourne can help disprove or confirm your suspicion by collecting sufficient evidence. Videos and pictures provide substantial proof of adultery.

If you doubt your partner, it’s essential to hire an investigator and get answers to your questions, even when the truth is too hard to accept.


A private investigator uses a wide variety of surveillance techniques for investigating suspicious individuals, extra-marital affairs, spouse/child abuse, fraud, child neglect, drug activity, etc. They adjust their surveillance strategy as per your case needs, whether they are conducting it for detective or security purposes. They may use hidden cameras, spy cameras, and security cameras for different types of surveillance. If a stationary camera does not work, the investigator may also monitor the individual’s activities for detailed evidence.

Statement Taking

Some investigators in Melbourne also offer statement-taking services for recording evidence of an individual. In this statement, they record what the person saw, felt, or heard in written, video, or audio form. Although Melbourne police take the statements, when you have a private investigator’s statement in Melbourne, it equips you to make better decisions for the case.

If you have pieces that you need to put together, hiring a private investigator in Melbourne would be a smart move. Whether you have a civil, professional, or criminal issue, an investigator can work with you to fetch you the required answers. They give attention to detail and investigate while committing to law and protecting your privacy.

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