7 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Social Security Disability Lawyer

In 2019, social security disability benefits were paid out to nearly 10 million people.

If you are trying to become one of them, but are having problems in the process, you need a social security lawyer. Only they can give you solid legal advice.

Finding a reputable law firm with the right disability lawyers can be a challenge. During your vetting process, you need a way to separate the case winners from the losers.

These seven questions to ask your candidates will help you narrow down your choices and select the right one.

1. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Having years of experience in the field of law is an excellent sign that your candidate knows what they are doing. Don’t settle for a green lawyer unless they have other qualifications that make them desirable.

2. What Is Your Win/Loss Ratio?

If a lawyer won’t disclose their success ratio, they may have something to hide. While all lawyers may not provide this information, the ones that do have a proven track record.

3. Do You Have Testimonials?

If your lawyer has done a good job for past clients, they will vocalize their opinions. Ask to read testimonials whenever possible.

4. Is Social Security Disability Your Specialty?

Some lawyers practice all aspects of law while others focus solely on social security disability law. If you want a pro with a specialization in social security disability law, check out this lawyer.

5. What Are Your Rates?

You should always ask about rates and any associated legal fees before hiring a lawyer. This allows you to weigh price versus qualifications and make an educated decision about all your options.

6. How Do I Pay You?

Some lawyers won’t even request any payment until after they win your case. At this point, they will take a percentage of your winnings. Others demand a retainer or some sort of payment upfront

Make sure to ask about how your lawyer will bill you if they take your case. The last thing you want is to get blindsided by some unexpected legal fees.

7. Can You Win My Case?

A good lawyer will be honest with you about your prospective odds of winning your case. Some cases are un-winnable and by pursuing them you will be wasting your time.

A good lawyer will let you know this before taking your case. Conversely, some cases are a sure-fire win providing your lawyer has the proper legal knowledge and ability to navigate the judicial system.

If your lawyer has the proper know-how and can win your case, they will let you know. Make sure to ask about how likely you are to win before starting any legal battle.

Get the Lawyer You Need

It is your right as an injured American to seek social security disability payments. If for any reason this process has become complicated for you, seeking out a lawyer is your only refuge.

Find the best social security disability lawyer today using the vetting questions in this article. Our website is full of informative content, so stay tuned and keep reading.

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