Qualities Of A Good Car Accident Attorney: What To Look For

The two most important things to get after a car accident are medical attention and hiring an attorney. But choosing a good car accident attorney for the first time on short notice is a big deal. This guide shows you how to choose the right choice.

If you want to know exactly how an attorney will help you after an accident, read this comprehensive car accident guide. It has everything you need to know about claiming a settlement.

Moving on, here are the things you should look for in a car accident attorney.


A great attorney has firsthand experience on car accident insurance claims. Look for one that specializes in car accidents. If you already have a lawyer in mind, look them up in your state’s State Bar. That will show you the attorney’s license number, any disciplinary actions, years of experience, and practice area.

If you don’t have one in mind, get recommendations from your network. If you still don’t have a name, use a lawyer referral service like the State Bar.

Good Reputation

Once you have a name, Google it. Most lawyers have a decent online record. You will locate their law firm’s website, social media platforms, and any news. Chances are, they will also show up in a lawyer directory like Avvo. Take full advantage of the lawyer’s digital footprint to learn about your prospective car accident attorney.

On the website, you will learn if they specialize in car accidents. You will also find genuine user testimonials to back up their claims. On their social media platforms, you will learn how they treat their clients.

In lawyer directories, you will see client reviews. Some directories like Martindale facilitate peer reviews. Peer reviews are endorsements by other lawyers.

What says success better than pure 5 stars on your specialty?

Read the reviews to see:

  • What do the car accident clients say about their case outcome?
  • What about customer service?
  • Do they recommend the lawyer?

If you like what you see, visit their website, or make a call.

Free Initial Consultation

Great lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This is your chance to learn how the car accident lawyer will help you get a good settlement from the insurance. Ask your car accident attorney these questions:

  • Do they specialize in car accident cases?
  • Have they had another case like yours?
  • What was the outcome?
  • What is your case’s outlook?
  • How much compensation can you get?
  • How will the lawyer represent you?
  • How much time will they take on your claim?
  • What can you do to help your claim?
  • Who will manage your case?
  • Who else will work on your case?
  • Who will be your contact?

You can use this consultation to evaluate your attorney. Do they care about you? Are they easy to work with? Do they listen keenly? Do they understand your case? Do they give straightforward answers? Are they honest? Do they sound knowledgeable?

They Should Be Available

How first do they pick up the first phone call? That tells you what to expect in the tens or hundred other times you call the attorney. You can also shoot them an email to see how first they will respond. If your attorney cares about each of their clients, they will always be available. Some outstanding lawyers are available on call 24/7.

If you are hospitalized, will the attorney come to you?

They Charge After You Win

Check through their website to see their policies. The most attractive of them is the “No Fee Unless You Win”. This is how far lawyers go to help you get back on your feet!

They are Honest

The law works on honesty more than anything! Your lawyer needs to be very honest with you. And so do you. Gauge their honesty in the client reviews and the first consultation. If you don’t feel comfortable, get another lawyer who makes you feel comfortable.

They Care About You

One good sign that your car accident attorney cares for you is prioritizing your needs. The first thing they do is ensure you get the medical help you need.

Everything you say and need matters. The compassionate attorney pays attention to all details. They empathize with your situation. If your attorney empathizes with your situation, they can communicate this empathy to the insurance adjuster and jury. And you will be on your way to winning a good settlement.

They Have The Resources Needed

Your car accident attorney is as good as their resources allow. Though a one-man show may be okay for a minor car accident, a complicated accident needs a team and more resources. Does your attorney’s law firm seem capable of handling your complicated case?

When sifting through your options of attorneys, you are looking for experience, expertise, and success rate. But beyond these high standards, you are also looking for humanity. Look for one who respects you and handles everything professionally. The experience is everything! If there’s one thing you should look for in customer reviews, it’s customer service.

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