Three Times You May Need a Lawyer for Father’s Rights

Father’s rights is a matter that many courts are addressing aggressively these days. In fact, some law offices focus on helping men to exercise their rights. Cordell and Cordell can assist you if you are in any of these situations that may threaten your rights to your child:

You’re Unsure of Paternity

Cordell and Cordell lawyers can assist you if you are still unclear about the paternity of the child in question. They can help you every step of the way as you request a paternity test. The attorneys can also help to ensure that you receive a fair visitation schedule.

Furthermore, they can ensure that the courts see you in the appropriate light if you want to go for custody. You have as good a chance as anyone else to get custody of your child.

You’re Being Denied Visitation

Father’s rights lawyers help most people because of denied visitation. These compassionate experts can assist you if you aren’t getting visitation because no official rule has been set. They can also fight for you in court if the other parent is not following a court order.

In some cases, the other parent does everything possible to avoid visitation. This covert tactic deprives many men of spending time with their beloved sons and daughters. Father’s rights attorneys can help you if this is happening to you. You deserve to spend time with your child, and they will make sure you do.

You Believe Parental Alienation Exists

Parental alienation is a sensitive matter that may be hard to prove. However, attorneys will work with you to try to prove that it’s happening to your child. Parental alienation occurs when the other parent badmouths the non-custodial parent and causes distance in the relationship between the parent and child.

It can cause problems with visitation and bonding and can be a true detriment to the child’s emotional health. The consequences for proven parental alienation can include a change in custody in favor of the alienated parent. It’s imperative that you contact an attorney as quickly as possible to discuss this matter.

You can get help for your situation today by scheduling an appointment for a consultation. You’ll explain some information about your situation, and the attorney will let you know how strong your case is. If everything goes well, you will have a new attorney helping you to receive the time you deserve with your child.

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