Law Firm Name Ideas and How to Choose One

It’s all in the name. How often have you heard this phrase uttered over the years?

Well as it turns out, it is all in the name. Especially when it comes to law firm name ideas and choosing a name that will shoot your up-and-coming law firm to the top!

The name of your firm is the first impression that potential clients will get of your business, and it has a key role in your marketing and brand awareness. What should you keep in mind when choosing your firm’s name?

If you are looking for some tips on how to name and how to market your law firm, keep reading. We will cover some of the essential steps you can take in both these areas.

Choosing Names for Law Firms

No doubt you put careful thought into naming your new baby – as it would with an actual baby but with more rules! And yes, there are rules to adhere to when it comes to naming your firm, and these will determine your marketing and brand strategies.

  • You cannot choose a name that sounds like a government agency or charitable organization
  • If you have offices in multiple jurisdictions, you need to identify which lawyers can practice in each
  • No names that involve lawyers working in public office
  • No false partnership with other firms or lawyers

Here are 5 things to consider when naming your firm:

  1. Brainstorm. Initially, write down whatever comes to mind, then narrow your ideas down.
  2. Ask a third party to offer their opinion, as outsiders often see things that you and your partners may miss.
  3. Look at using a branding consultant or content marketing for law firms.
  4. Check on current business registrations and domain availability before settling on anything.
  5. Consider trademarking your chosen name if your state allows it.

Traditional vs Creative Law Firm Name Ideas

While this is just a brief breakdown of a few of the rules, the basics of naming your firm all revolve around not offering false or misleading information. Also, remember that each state has different rules, so make sure you check what these are before you move ahead with your chosen name.

Traditionally, law firms include the names of partners, and this is a requirement in some states. If you are practicing on your own, however, you can use your last name. If you have several partners, you may need to get a little creative to craft something accurate and memorable.

This is where creativity must blend with the traditional. Think about shortening last names or joining names together to come up with a unique name that will stand out when potential clients Google “law firms near me.”

Law Firm Marketing Trends

Check out recent marketing trends and see how your brand would be expressed in the current landscape. If you have stuck with traditional naming conventions then your marketing and branding should incline towards this look and feel.

If you have opted for a fun and creative firm name, then everything from law firm reviews to marketing strategies needs to reflect this. You will also attract the type of clients that relate to your marketing style and name choice.

Raising the Bar

Although there are a few rules and regulations to follow when considering law firm name ideas, the bottom line is to avoid any misleading information! No matter whether you choose to be traditional or creative, your name must reflect your practice of law and your brand ethos.

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