DUI Cases – Find A DUI Lawyer To Fight For Your Rights And Protect Your Future

As with any criminal case being charged with DUI in Nashville Tennessee is a serious matter that could land you in jail along with future implications such as your Job, Increased insurance rates and future education endeavors. You should contact a skilled Nashville DUI Lawyer to fight for your rights and protect your future. An experienced DUI defense attorney can sometimes get your DUI case completely dismissed or a reduced charge that will keep you out of jail.

The Complaint and Police Report

As soon as your name is called,you will know exactly where to go, because you watched the cases before you.The bailiff will provide you with a copy of the official charges against you and, in certain states, the police statement. In several states you won’t get to see the police statement until your case is completed. Although it might be beneficial to look at the complaint so you are aware of what charges you are dealing with, avoid searching the police statement for clues if you also obtain it (which is very tempting). You’ll have time for that eventually. There exists nothing in the statement that will have an impact on how you must handle the case.

DUI Cases

The Plea

You will be inquired about how you plea. Your options are not guilty, no contest, or guilty. Except if you are far away from home and don’t wish to go back to where you are, it is best to plead not guilty at the prosecution. This is exactly what the court is expecting thus, there is no reason for you to feel like an idiot for your plea, regardless of whether your BAC was high and your driving was similar to that of a small child out for their first spin.

Waiving Time

In addition,you will be requested to waive time. Therefore, you won’t keep the court to the rigid timeline for having the trial. At this stage you don’t truly know what type of case you have, or how long you have to come up with a defense, thus it is usually a good idea to postpone time at the arraignment. Afterwards, if you would like to go to trial, you simply withdraw the time waiver you have made earlier. This is the unusual world of the criminal court.

Terms of Release

Normally you will already be discharged. In case you have bailed out, the judge will probably proceed the bail as initially set except if the prosecutor raises some explanation why it must be increased. For example, for anyone who is driving through Mississippi moving towards California, where you reside, and there’s suspicions that you’ll not return or arrange to show up through a lawyer as soon as you arrive at your home ground, the bail could possibly be increased. In cases like this, there wouldn’t be a request for you to stay in the state as part of the bail terms (since the kind of DUI we are talking about here is a crime). Instead, they would depend on the bail to secure you come back no matter where you are going. Should you be released at prison without bail, the judge will almost certainly accept ongoing release on those conditions, except if the DA objects.

The Date scheduled for the Case Settlement Meeting

Lastly, you will then receive a date for your upcoming appearance, the reason for which is to see if your case can be removed by a plea deal of some kind or if you are truly heading to trial. Various states have various titles for this appearance, however, it always provides the exact purpose—to determine if you would like to plead guilty or not, an to decide what the next step will be.

If you have been charged with drunk driving you should consider hiring a skilled DUI Defense Attorney to fight for your rights and protect your future for more information click here.

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