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Legal research is hard. Innovations in software and publishing have made things much better. Sources like Westlaw and Lexis make it much easier to track down cases that you need. However, there are still many inefficiencies in the legal writing process. BlueLine can make legal writing much easier and can make the process much less painful. The program’s slogan is “let us be the best at taking away your worst work” and true to that message the program helps make life better for lawyers. It isn’t as “big” as some of the more ambitious legal AI programs, but it is more practical and ready to roll today.

Legal Writing

Blueline: Legal Writing provides a quick way to cite check legal briefs. BlueLine is announcing a new feature, called BlueFetch that will allow users to quickly retrieve citations without checking an entire legal brief. The program is light, fast, affordable and effective. It’s great a great new piece of legal software, designed to integrate easily into the existing workflow of attorneys.

When cite checking a brief on BlueLine a user simply selects a document and hits run. The program then reads the writing and looks for cases that the author has cited. It then turns these citations into hyperlinks. This alone would be a valuable program because it would allow users to quickly check the cases being cited in a brief. Consider how valuable this would be if it were used on opposing councils brief. Instead of manually tracking down all their cases lawyers can simply run BlueLine and poof they can quickly check caselaw for citations, quotations and more.

The program is still in beta and quickly developing. BlueLine has millions of cases in its database and our database is expanding.

Try our BlueLine today to see what all the fuss is about. It’s fast and great new legal software to improve the quality of legal writing. Legal wrist game can be boring and frustrating. Or it can be fun and easy. It can’t make bad writing good, but it can help you ensure that a great brief is perfect!

By running a brief through this legal software you can immediately determine if a given document contains misquotes. More importantly you can more quickly access cases.

Unlike other legal software offering access to caselaw, we don’t charge per case. We only charge for access to our program. And the program is completely free during BlueLine’s free public beta. That means you can start writing better immediately. It’s easy to use BlueLine and it will pay for itself in minutes. Just fire up the program and you can immediately determine whether or not you have accidentally quoted a case wrong, or whether or not opposing counsel has deliberately misconstrued a case.

That’s the basic idea. We also offer a new feature called BlueFetch which allows you to quickly retrieve a case from our database. So take the program for a test drive soon! We think you will love the program and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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