Birth Defects: How to Cope

Having a baby should be a joyous time. Bringing a new life into the world is a unique gift. However, for some, the experience can be traumatic, and for those whose new baby has a congenital disability, it can be emotionally overwhelming, so how do you cope with such an event?


Although you still have your baby, you may experience feelings of grief. Feelings of loss are natural so allow yourself time to grieve for what you thought would be. Cry if you need to and support your partner who also will be suffering. You’ve lost what you imagined to be and are faced with a new reality. It will take time to get used to the diagnosis, and it’s okay to express disappointment. Ask for help if needed, and don’t suffer alone.

It’s also important to remember that you’ve just given birth, and even in normal circumstances, that’s a big deal for your body. Take some time for self-care and take advantage of family members that offer to take care of the little one in the early days. If your baby is in hospital, take a break from time to time so you are rested and ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

Educate yourself

Once you’ve come to terms with your baby’s diagnosis, it’s time to educate yourself about the condition and learn everything you can about the implications and limitations it will cause. Talk to the care team and ask questions. Write notes and get familiar with the terminology.

If you have other children, prepare them in advance, so they have some time to come to terms with their siblings’ condition.

Finally, find some online support groups for those who have had children with similar defects when you feel stronger. A strong support system is crucial for long-term care and will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Deal with negligence

If your baby’s congenital disability was due to medication taken during pregnancy, you should seek justice for the life of your little one. This will help with the healing process and ensure no one else suffers as you have. Pharmaceutical companies such as Jazz produce SSRI medications such as Luvox (Fluvoxamine) and use deceptive marketing practices to encourage people to take their medication. If you took Luvox during pregnancy, you could file a Luvox lawsuit to claim compensation for your baby’s condition. Although it won’t change the physical consequences, it may help to know that justice has been served.

Communication & Positivity

Communication with your partner and loved ones is crucial to maintain positivity and emotional stability. In addition, celebrating your child’s life will help you realize that they can still have a happy and fulfilled life even with a physical disability.

Show your child love and support, and they will thrive even with limitations. There is no greater reward than loving a person you have brought into the world, so embrace the things they can do and overcome the things they can’t with care, support, and respect.

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