How Long Does It Take To Get A Fiance Visa Approved?

Normally it almost takes 6 to 12 months to get the fiance visa approved. There are two steps that are to be followed to get the fiance visa. This month USA has announced that they have tighten the visa waiver programs due to terrorism threats and also security reasons. This is a step to guard the nations and its people; the white house wants to close all the punctures in the visa process due to the treats of Isis.

K1 visaFollow the rules to get the visa approved

You need to first file the K1-visa forms with the United States citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) with all the required documents. In case of any insufficient or missing information in your application, then USCIS will issue a Request for evidence and this will delay and lengthen the processing period. So before submitting check with an experienced person in the same field and then proceed with the rules.

Once you get the approval from USCIS then you need to apply for the fiance visa at the Embassy/ consulate interview. Once your forms are through it will almost take 4 to 8 weeks for your form to reach Embassy/ consulate abroad and then undergo the second process. The wait time for the same will depend upon the place of the fiance.

You will be notified if the application is under process and you need to wait almost for 2 weeks or 4 months to complete the process. If documents are not sufficient then again they will issue a request for evidence as in the first step also. All these processing time will almost go on up to 6 months.

Simple methods to speed up the process

Government processing methods cannot be changed by us, but by following some simple steps we can avoid delay in getting the USA fiance visa. Submit the form after partnering with a credible immigration attorney so that the application is ready and filed fullest methods.

This will surely reduce the mistakes and you can avoid requests for evidence, which will elaborate the USA fiance visa. If on genuine reason you need it under extreme emergency situation then you can request USCIS to speed up the process in your case. But even this has very less chances to speed up. Due to the treats by terrorist the rules are tightened and the programs are very internal, USA has assured that it won’t affect lawful trades and travels.

Deep background checks will be taken up, so the process will be delayed more. These strict rules mainly are pertaining to eastern European nations. To safeguard their nation they have also put federal air marshals who are trained professional abroad flights and they look out for all suspicious activities.

If you need USA Fiance Visa all you need to do is complete the documents with all the details and attachments check more than 2 times to avoid delay. Every country has their own rules to safe guards its country, we cannot question nor change their rules, but by following the rules properly we will surely get the work done at the earliest.

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