Wrongful Termination in Alameda

Wrongful termination in Alameda County cannot be ignored!  As an increasingly prominent issue, wrongful termination Alameda employment law claims must be met with increased awareness and credibility.  Addressing your own wrongful termination in Alameda situation can be tricky, unpleasant, and even downright grueling.

However, with the right wrongful termination Alameda County employment attorney doing your bidding, the experience takes on an entirely new light.  At Stephen Danz & Associates, we have the wrongful termination Alameda employment law attorneys with the experience necessary to handle your claim with expertise.

Wrongful Termination

$2.7 million was awarded to five workers who were wrongfully terminated in Alameda County, after the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory conducted a 130 employee layoff.  After the employees were terminated in 2008, they sought the counsel of a wrongful termination Alameda employment attorney, who correctly analyzed that the Laboratory had violated policies designed to protect more tenured employees.  One of the plaintiffs was a lab worker who had over 38 years of experience, and while the Laboratory laid that worker off, it retained the services of an employee who had only 15 months on the job.

The five employees who were wrongfully terminated in Alameda received between $242,000 and $853,000 each, representing lost wages following their layoffs.  However, this is only the first stage of their lawsuit.  They will now seek additional damages for age discrimination, even more damages for emotional distress, and further punitive damages intended to punish and deter the type of behavior and business practices demonstrated by the Laboratory.

While Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory issued a statement that suggested their managers at the facility had followed federal Department of Energy guidelines when implementing their layoff plan, the truth may not be so black and white.  The allegation made by the plaintiffs is that the Laboratory targeted higher-paid and senior employees, and the evidence largely backs up the allegation.  This is not an unusual position for an employer to take, and employees should be sure to know their rights before accepting as truth the statements of their higher-ups.

At Stephen Danz & Associates, they have extensive experience dealing with wrongful termination Alameda claims.  If you think that your rights may have been violated, or if you know someone who may have a wrongful termination Alameda claim, immediate action is imperative.  Wrongful termination Alameda employment law claims protect the employees across the county and across the state of California more broadly.  Ensure that your rights are protected today!

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