Worldmark Travel Share Lawsuit

Worldmark Travel Share is an affiliate marketing program run by Worldmark International, which has been around for several years. This company offers many different travel-related products and services that enable you to save money on your travel plans. The company has been sued several times by people who have bought into their claims and are now experiencing financial issues due to it.

They have essentially taken your money and run with it.

Worldmark International promises discounts on airfare, cruises, rental cars, and much more. However, all of this is completely illegal. They have promised to refund you but still haven’t done so.

The Worldmark TravelShare lawsuit is one of several lawsuits that have been filed against the company. This is only the case if you did not purchase an item from the company through their website. If you did purchase through the website, then you more than likely have been ripped off. This is because the company does not own any of the properties where they sell their discounted travel tickets. They contract with a middle man, called Worldmark, who owns all the properties.

They will go on vacation, make a few transactions, and then disappear again.

The Worldmark Company does not follow through on any agreements made. Once they are gone, nobody is sure where they went. There is no contact information available anywhere online either. At the very least, there are no records found in the company’s databases.

When a Worldmark TravelShare lawsuit happens, you can be sure that the customer has been ripped off. They have very poor customer service practices and do not stand behind their products or services. If the company continues down this path, then Worldmark International will not be able to survive for long. They may become bankrupt.

There are too many Worldmark lawsuits floating around out there.

The company simply does not care about its clients and doesn’t even try to return calls or pay customers for their purchases. It’s all been filed in court, and the owners are trying to Dodge everything. This leaves the consumer with the only real option, and that is to find an honest company that will do business with them. You can check with BBB, which keeps records of any complaints about specific companies before you decide to buy from any Worldmark Travel Share defendants.

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