3 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Injury Lawyer Over A Claims Adjuster

3 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Injury Lawyer Over A Claims Adjuster.

After an accident, it’s required to notify insurance companies about the incident so they can process the claim. The people responsible for doing this are called insurance claims adjusters. Their job is to gather the facts, compare them to what’s in the policy, and tell you how much the policy will pay out to you for your injury.

But rarely is this enough. Randall Sevenish, founding attorney at Sevenish Law, says that claims adjusters do not work in your interest. “A claims adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you. They do not have your interests at heart.” Instead of working directly with a claims adjuster, he recommends having a personal injury lawyer work with them on your behalf instead. Here are three reasons why.

1. Claims Adjusters Don’t Work For You

The goal of the claims adjuster is to pay out as little as possible without triggering legal retaliation. Insurance adjusters are paid based on how many cases they can close out. Thus, they want to get a settlement offer accepted by you as quickly as they can.

That said, they’re not necessarily out to do you wrong. There’s no need to be antagonistic, and you never want to lie to one. There are certain duties you may need to fulfill according to your policy before you can even get a settlement offer. Your case can be put at risk if you violate your responsibilities in the policy.

But if you have a personal injury lawyer on your side, they can read your policy and ensure that everything is done right. A lawyer gives you leverage. They have the experience that it takes to successfully work with claim adjusters.

2. Injury Lawyers Know the True Costs

Claims adjusters want to pay as little as possible but will try to couch any settlement as a fair one. They may try to get you to sign things that say you’ll accept an offer. Never sign anything offered by an insurance company that’s not your own without talking with a lawyer.

A lawyer can challenge the insurance adjusters’ settlement offer and help you gather documentation to support the amount you think is fair. The full extent of your injuries might not become apparent until months after an accident. Should you accept a claim too early, you’ll be responsible for those extra costs.

Gathering evidence and negotiating with the claims adjuster might seem like a waste of time when you’ve got bills to pay, but there’s an important point to it. It shows that you’re not backing down and that you’ll have evidence in your corner should the case go to trial. This can open the purse strings of an insurance provider.

3. You’ll Avoid Dirty Tricks

Insurance companies always know there’s a risk of a lawsuit with every claim. They’ll try to take steps so you’ll waive your right to a trial or to get evidence that’s incriminatory so you’ll lose your case. For instance, they may want you to sign a medical release so they can get access to your medical records. On the surface, this seems reasonable, but they won’t stop with just the records of your accident. They’ll also dig through your past medical records for anything they can use to give you less money.

They may also ask for a recorded statement from you about the incident. This also seems reasonable, but if you don’t have a lawyer, they could mislead you into saying something that won’t help your case.

Other tactics include saying you were partially at fault for the accident, pushing you to accept a speedy settlement, and discounting medical bills and expenses. Without a lawyer, you have no idea whether the claims of the insurance company are true or not. They’re counting on you not knowing what a fair settlement is for your injuries and getting you to accept an offer before you look at it too closely. You have the right to have a lawyer examine any settlement offer before you accept it. It’s well worth your time, and don’t let any claims adjusters tell you otherwise.

Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer

There’s no harm in approaching a lawyer for a free consultation about your offer. It may be the case that your offer is fair and you can sign with peace of mind. If not, you’ll have someone who can help you.

Insurance companies will say that you’ll earn less if you work with a lawyer or that they don’t need one. However, any lawyer worth your time will ensure that you’ll earn more than the settlement offer after their fees. In short, there’s no downside to working with a personal injury lawyer on your case.

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