Who Pays For School Fees & Extracurricular Activities After Divorce?

Every parent understands that bringing up a child involves many financial implications. Once the parents split, one home becomes two, and hence the expenditures and livelihood costs will only skyrocket. A family cannot go on to live with a lesser amount of money in separate homes than they might have together. On top of that, extracurricular activities come into the lives of children as they become older. In such cases, a child’s extracurricular activities may be harder to finance with less money to go around.

If one spouse wants the kid to engage in extracurricular activities after the divorce, that parent should typically pay for the activity. But, these extracurricular activities might cost a lot of money. Aside from the activity fees, there may be costs for equipment, clothing, and instruments. Depending on parental income, the number of children, and how the children were raised, one of the parents might have to step up to pay child support.

What counts as an extracurricular activity? How much do you have to pay for these extracurricular activities? Are these costs included in child support? To discuss such details at length, you can contact an expert- Divorce attorney – Jimeno & Gray, P.A., if you are located around Maryland.

What Falls Under Extracurricular Activities?

Sports, student government, community service, employment, arts, hobbies, and educational clubs are all examples of extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are beneficial to an academic program and have proven to positively contribute to a child’s overall development.

After a Divorce, Who Pays For Extracurricular Activities?

When a family splits up, one household becomes two. In practice, this implies that daily costs will be doubled, leaving less money for things like a child’s extracurricular activities. This might be problematic since children with divorced parents can find an outlet to channel their difficult home situation outside of school through sports, music, or other hobbies.

This is especially beneficial if they have experienced difficulties as a result of their parent’s separation or divorce. However, due to the higher cost of living, meeting the expenditures of extracurricular activities can be especially difficult for separated or divorced parents.

Child support is intended to pay all expenditures for children, including food, housing, schooling, clothing, and extracurricular activities, as determined by the Child Support Agency formula. The Child Support Agency’s website includes an online calculator that you can use to determine your child support entitlement or responsibility based on your income and the children’s living conditions.

Unfortunately, the amount of child support determined as due is often insufficient to cover child-related expenses such as:

  • Privately purchased health insurance
  • Private school fees
  • Curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Any additional costs incurred as a result of a child’s “special needs.”

If Extracurricular Activities Aren’t Covered By Child Support, Who Pays?

During the divorce settlement process, the question of who pays for extracurricular activities is typically a point of conflict. Just because it isn’t mandated by law doesn’t mean you should ignore your children’s best interests. Your child may have liked engaging in various activities prior to your divorce.

You probably think your child should keep doing these things to provide a feeling of normalcy in an already challenging situation. What if your spouse pays child support but refuses to pay for these extra expenses? You are not obligated to pay, but if you do not, it will be your child who suffers.

Payments Can Be Made By Parents On Their Own

Parents may agree that attending a private school or participating in extracurricular activities in which their children thrive is important. For example, one parent may be in a better financial position to cover these expenses but may not be willing to pay them on top of the child support obligation. In addition, the parties may decide to enter into a child support arrangement, with some or all of the payments for extracurricular activities being applied to the paying parent’s child support obligation.

The credit amount of these so-called “non-periodic payments might be as high as 100%. You and your ex have every right to come up with the best solution for you and your child. You can add extracurricular activities and how they will be funded if you established a child support plan together. This is also something that can be worked out down the road.

Can an Ex Ask to Pay More for Extracurriculars of His or Her Child?

After a divorce, it’s not uncommon for one spouse to request that the other contribute more than their child support requirement to finance extracurricular activities. While you have the option of paying more to fund a child’s activities, you are not obligated to do so.

In addition to your kid’s essential requirements, the agreed-upon or court-ordered child support plan should incorporate entertainment and extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities may not be taken into account by the court when determining child support. In this case, the custodial parent may be responsible for these fees independently.

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