What You Need to Know About a Class Action Suit

Did you know that the largest class action lawsuit payout exceeded $206 billion?

A class action suit is a means to achieve collective justice for a group of people wherein one of the parties is a group of persons collectively represented by a member of that group.

If a defective product has injured you and you’re thinking of pursuing a class action lawsuit, it pays to do a little research beforehand. That’s where our helpful guide comes into play.

Read in for everything you need to know about class action lawsuits.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit is a type of civil court case filed by a group of persons or corporate clients who have incurred similar injuries due to the defendant’s actions, with one person serving as a spokesperson for the group.

While the content of class action suits might differ, the grounds in dispute are shared by all plaintiffs. This gives strength in numbers for all of the people who have been affected, usually by major firms or enterprises with a broad reach.

Class action suits are filed in both state and federal courts. If the matter violates federal laws, then a federal court has jurisdiction.

The Benefits of Class Action

Why combine all cases into a single class-action lawsuit when each claimant could launch their own action?

The explanation is that it is frequently more practical for the plaintiff, the judiciary, and the defendants to consolidate the various proceedings into a single case.

Plaintiffs can benefit from class action suits. Class action suits require just one group of eyewitnesses, investigators, records, and arguments. Because of this efficiency, using one law firm to undertake the case is cheaper than employing multiple law firms to try several cases.

When to Hire a Class Action Lawyer

Any plaintiff who suffers an injury that others have also incurred should employ an experienced personal injury lawyer – one with a proven record and the ability to speak for hundreds, if not thousands, of claimants. The best accident lawyer will:

  • Certify the class
  • Ensure that the lead plaintiff is briefed
  • Define the trying cases
  • Negotiate on behalf of the class
  • Have experience trying your particular type of case

If you’ve been the victim of a defective product or wrongful death due to negligence at work, act now to get the justice you deserve. Hire a personal injury attorney today.

Your Class Action Suit Explained

So, that’s the 101 on when you should file a class action suit.

Plaintiffs who would not otherwise file a claim individually can benefit from class actions. When several people who have been wronged by the same defendant band together and litigate as a class, they gain strength in numbers.

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