What is a LA Fitness Lawsuit?

Attorney Jesse Kent of Sacramento is representing Johnson in a personal injury lawsuit recently filed against LA Fitness. The suit claims the company failed to maintain a safe working environment for its employees and did not make them aware of the dangers of working in a fitness club. It further claims that the defendant did not provide an adequate warning before a fatal work-related accident took place. The accident claimed the life of a male employee, who is the father of one of Johnson’s six children.

There are several pieces of evidence that this is indeed the case. For one, there were no signs or alarms installed to alert anyone that the gym was on dangerous premises.

Secondly, the owner of the building was unaware of this hazard and did not install safety features. Finally, records provided to the attorney by the Department of Labor indicate that numerous complaints have been filed against this business in the past. As such, it is likely that this lawsuit will be well-paid and may go ahead without much difficulty.

LA Fitness did not deny liability when contacted by the attorney representing the injured employee. They strenuously denied any liability when reached by the plaintiffs. Thus, it is important to understand how this claim can proceed. In essence, once the plaintiff has suffered a wrongful death in a workplace accident brought on by negligence on the part of a fitness center operator or his staff members, he may recover damages from both the negligent party and the institution itself. This is known as a statutory claim. Once such a claim has been filed in state court, the court can order that the negligent parties pay compensation to the victim’s loved ones.

Such claims are often controversial because many of those who are killed in these accidents are children.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If the death of a child is due to gross negligence on behalf of a fitness center employee, a relative, or a friend, that individual may recover damages on his own. In this case, the claim would be called a gross negligence claim.

For an employee to obtain compensation for his injury, he must hire a qualified personal injury attorney. Typically, personal injury attorneys will only work on cases that are governed by the specific elements contained within their laws. These laws generally pertain to health, property, or product liability. In most instances, these laws require that employees who have been injured in a workplace accident be able to demonstrate that (a) the individual suffered an injury at the hands of the defendant and (b) that the injury resulted in damages that were caused by the defendant’s conduct. These lawyers also may be called “juries’ attorneys” by the courts.

You can begin the process of seeking compensation for your La Fitness lawsuit pretty easily. All you need to do is: contact a qualified attorney and agree to a consultation. Together, you’ll be in a better position to win your case.

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