Top 6 tips you need to know for Lodging New Zealand Partner Visa

Many people apply for a partner visa to live with their partner back in New Zealand. But many times, this application is getting rejected, and then people get hopeless because they do not see any answer or solution to their problem. The applicants do not have much knowledge about legal matters, which is why they cannot identify the reason for the rejection of their application by the government. Most of the time, it gets rejected because they are unable to provide enough relationship evidence. You need to provide all the information and legal documentation if you want your application to be accepted.

This article will discuss the top six tips that you need to know when you are lodging for New Zealand partnership visa NZ.

 1. Visa Category

You need to know which visa category you are eligible for if you are about to apply. If your partner is a citizen of New Zealand for a resident, it will be easy for you. According to the rule of 820 visas, The applicant can live in Australia for two years. If you want to live in New Zealand permanently, you will have to apply for 801 during this period.

 2. Documents

When applying for a partnership visa in New Zealand, you must provide all the details to the relevant department. These details include information about passport, photographs, the character of the person, the relationship with a partner, and who the sponsor is.

All these things are very time-consuming, and many people do not go through them and do not complete them step by step. This is why the application often gets rejected because it gets too frustrating for them to provide little details, but it is imperative if you do not want your application to be rejected. When you provide all the necessary documents, they will think that you are not hiding something, and your application will be accepted faster.

 3. Criteria

Before you apply for a partnership visa, it is crucial to know whether you meet the criteria for application or not. You must be 18 years or above, and your partner should also be 18 years or above if you are applying for a partnership visa. The sponsorship period has to be at least two years, and then you will be eligible, and the criteria for the application of partner VISA will be accepted.

 4. Communication

Communication with the case officer during this process is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Make sure that you are not providing any misleading or false information about yourself or your partner. If you do this, your application will get rejected, and it will cause problems.

 5. Time

The visa processing takes time, and there are different timing details for different types of visas. It is essential to be patient and wait for the particular period to be met, and then you can move on with the next step.

 6. Guidance

It is crucial to take advice and guidance from a registered migration agent when you are applying.

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