Things To Know When Starting A Personal Injury Law Firm

Having a successful personal injury law firm can be extremely profitable while doing something that helps people. Often times it takes a landmark case for a new law firm to get known. Make sure that if any high profile cases come your way that are winnable that they are snagged up and interviews are done and talk to the press after the case is over with. This is free advertising and the next time someone gets hurt on account of somebody else, they will remember the law firm or lawyers name.

Personal Injury

It is Extremely Competitive

There are many personal injury firms that have the capital to advertise on TV during prime-time day after day. With personal injury law being so profitable, the big firms try to muscle out the competition. What you can do as a car or truck accident attorney is take cases to trial and win them.

Many large firms do not have a trial record as they settle out of court every time and advise their clients to. Having trial success is something that people who research lawyers will be able to see. Keep your trial record on your website as this is the transparency that people want when deciding on a lawyer.

Online Marketing Is a Must

Marketing is everything especially if the market is saturated with lawyers in your field. Standing out from the crowd is important so checking out someone who markets online exclusively for lawyers can be advantageous.

Some personal injury lawyers can spend up to hundreds of dollars per click in PPC advertising so having a professional handle this and other online marketing can save copious amounts of money down the line.

Have A Strategy, Don’t Chance It

If you aren’t sure what type of personal injury law to get into, then delay starting your firm. Have a set out plan of what types of cases you will take and will not take. Some areas of personal injury law are more profitable than others but can also be more competitive.

Cornering less competitive niches is a great way to earn a name while also being profitable. There is always the chance if you corner enough niches then you might have the opportunity to be bought out by a much larger firm if you decide to. Stick with a strategy and have one way before the wheels are in motion for the firm.

Starting a personal injury law firm is going to take a lot of long hours. Expanding a law firm to add a few other high profile lawyers is even more stressful. Make sure to have plenty of interns as this can help you groom those who you want to hire in the future.

Hiring young has its benefits but hiring experience is equally important as they already have connections and know the personal injury law game. Make sure the experienced attorneys have trial experience as well as you want to hire lawyers who do not settle on low offers as you want your firm to be consistent throughout.


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