The Pacifica Graduate Institute Lawsuit Information

Pacifica Graduate Institute is an educational association that focuses on lawsuits, especially those filed against employers who discriminate against people with disabilities. The suit filed against this corporation is based on a claim that the corporation failed to make disabled employees aware of their rights when applying for a promotion. According to the suit, the Pacifica failed to inform its employees that they have a disability and in return, these employees were subjected to discrimination by their direct supervisors. The suit further claims that this caused severe injuries to both disabled employees and the remaining employees which resulted to them taking up legal action against Pacifica. Disability discrimination should not be taken lightly. Even if the victim and his/her family did not opt to file a lawsuit, consulting a disability lawyer would have been a wise move.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Lawsuit

The Pacifica Graduate Institute has recently gained the attention of the public because of the pending lawsuit. This is the same case that happened with ADA lawyer Michael J. Sisenger. Mr. Sisenger represented the plaintiffs in that case. Lawyers usually work in groups. One of the members will take care of all the research, the other member will look into the technical details of the case, gather evidence and do all the things needed for the lawyers to do their job well.

Having the right attorney working on your lawsuit information is very important.

In Pacifica case, attorney Michael J. Sisenger was selected to work on the case after he had done some research about it. Pacifica Graduate Institute had hired him because he is an expert on disability discrimination. As mentioned above, there are other attorneys working on the case; this was done to give the attorneys more time to gather evidence and to prepare their case for trial. This was also one of the reasons why Mr. Sisenger was chosen.

In reviewing the lawsuit, it is easy to see where the legal issue lies.

The complaint states that the defendants did not hire a disabled person to work on their construction site because the workers were unable to do so. However, the Pacifica Graduate Institute contends that this part was wrong because they only wanted an American worker who could speak American English fluently to help out with their work. They further claim that when this person was hired, he fell ill and missed several days of work. This is why the suit is being filed.

The Pacifica Graduate Institute also claims that they had a plan in place before this happened.

Specifically, they say they had planned on hiring this man to clean their swimming pool. Later on, the contractor they hired, a man named Richard Stone Jr., became ill and missed a few days of work. It was then when the lawsuit was filed.

In reviewing the Pacifica Graduate Institute’s lawsuit information, it is easy to see how difficult and frustrating it can be to deal with these types of lawsuits.

They are trying to get compensation for something that simply did not happen. However, they should also keep in mind that this lawsuit is just one example of many that may have occurred. The details of these cases are generally in dispute, as well.

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