The Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents That Occur Today

There are around 340 million occupational accidents across the world each year.

While many of these accidents cause only minor cuts and bruises, as many as 6,000 people die every single day as a result of more serious workplace injuries.

But what are some of the most common types of workplace accidents? Let’s take a look.

Slips and Trips

Slips and trips can happen in all kinds of workplace settings, including offices, factories, and stores. They’re also one of the most common reasons why people need to call a work accident lawyer.

Often, these accidents are the result of slippery surfaces, such as wet floors or icy roads. But, loose cords and debris, poor lighting, and uneven walking surfaces can also factor into common job injuries such as broken limbs and contusions as the result of slips and trips.

Falls from Heights

Falls are a leading cause of workplace accidents and deaths in the construction industry. Likewise, those who work in stores and warehouses also have a high risk of falling from ladders, steps, or elevated platforms. Often, these falls are the result of inadequate structures. But, a workplace culture of ineffective safety adherence is also a major contributor to such accidents.

Crashes and Collisions

Accidents resulting in crash or impact types of injuries are also quite frequent in certain working environments. Those who drive as part of their job may have an accident as a result of negligent drivers, bad weather, or faulty equipment. Workers who spend time around moving vehicles – such as port operatives, parking attendants, and warehouse workers – also run the risk of getting hurt in a collision involving anything from an 18-wheeler to a forklift truck.

Struck by Falling Objects

Many workers sustain injuries as a result of falling objects. And, while warehouse workers might see more accidents of this kind, heavy objects can fall out of cupboards and from shelves in all working environments.

For optimal employee happiness and safety, companies must always provide appropriate storage for equipment and supplies. Likewise, reminding workers of the importance of storing items in a safe and efficient manner can also help to avoid the cuts, bruises, and other types of injuries that falling objects can cause.

Entanglement in Machinery

Rollers, cogs, and other moving parts of heavy machinery can entrap workers and cause a range of tearing and crushing types of injuries. In a worst-case scenario, a worker could lose a limb or die as a result.

Often, neckties, fingers, loose hair, and jewelry getting tangled up in the machinery causes this type of accident. Proper training is vital to ensure that employees are aware of potential entanglement hazards. And clear warning signs and barriers near the dangerous machinery can act as a visual reminder.

Common Types of Work Accidents

As these common types of work accidents show, there are a lot of ways you can hurt yourself on the job.

Luckily, most workplace accidents cause types of injuries that resolve themselves after a few days. But, many others cause permanent damage, disability, or even death.

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