The Mirena Class Action Lawsuit

The Mirena Class Action Lawsuit, which was filed against the HMOs and the Catholic hospitals, has been filed on behalf of the women who have been forced to go for hysterectomies without proper consent from their spouses. The said woman is bound to undergo an elective surgery for removal of the uterus if she does not want kids anymore. The said woman is only fifteen years old while her husband is forty-four years old. What makes this case different from other similar lawsuits is the fact that it is being filed by a woman who is a minor and not an adult. This also makes it different from the many class action lawsuits that are filed on behalf of pregnant teenagers or women who have already given birth to the children they want but were not permitted to have babies due to their age.

Mirena Class Action Lawsuit

There is no clear evidence as to whether or not the woman is fit to have children after the surgery although it has been strongly suggested that the HMOs and the Catholic hospitals had some role in forcing her to go under the knife. However, the class action lawsuit investigation found out that there were discrepancies in the accounts presented by the plaintiffs and the hospital authorities.

The plaintiffs had presented a story about their financial problems, especially their inability to pay for the surgery, while the hospital authorities had presented the same account but with many variations. The discrepancies were such that the hospital authorities had been forced to backtrack on their initial decision to allow the woman to undergo the operation.

Because of this, the Mirena class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the woman and her family.

This is also the case with another woman who is a class action lawsuit plaintiff. This woman is suing her former employer, Wal-Mart Stores, for exposing her to harmful chemicals used in their production. While the company claims that the chemicals were safe, the woman who filed the lawsuit says otherwise. Both lawsuits were filed because of similar situations wherein the plaintiffs were exposed to toxins that could have led to their illnesses.

In addition to the Mirena Class Action Lawsuit, the National Gynecologic Cancer Association is filing lawsuits on behalf of several women who are experiencing the same problems as the plaintiffs in the case mentioned above.

The lawsuits are similar to the Class Action Lawsuits. Yet, the National Gynecological Cancer Association says that these lawsuits are different because unlike the Class Action Lawsuits, the physicians and nurses at the concerned hospital committed medical malpractice, which should result in compensations for them. In the Class Action Lawsuits, the plaintiffs’ relatives or other relatives of the deceased are granted compensation; on the other hand, in the Mirena Class Action Lawsuit, the relatives of the deceased are granted only monetary damages.

As for the third lawsuit, there is also one being filed against the company that manufactured the Mirena IUD.

A woman’s son developed life-threatening symptoms after regularly using the Mirena Class Action Lawsuit, so the manufacturer of the device is also being sued for medical malpractice. Furthermore, there are still other similar lawsuits pending. For example, a former Miss Brazil was suing the manufacturer of the Intrauterine Device for the death of her young daughter. The judge has ordered that the device is taken off the shelves of pharmacies worldwide, but according to the family members, the manufacturer has already packed away the device in China.

There are various reasons why the companies manufacturing the Mirena IUD and other intrauterine devices are being sued.

The federal government thinks that these companies should be held responsible for not only the deaths of more than twelve thousand women who had used their products, but also for the health issues that these women developed. The Food and Drug Administration also believes that these manufacturers should be held liable for the injuries that resulted from using their products.

According to the FDA, all manufacturers of intrauterine devices should provide information about the risks associated with their products, including possible links to uterine cancer. The lawsuits filed by the plaintiffs in the United States District Court, urge the government and the FDA to take stronger action against the manufacturers of the Mirena Class Action Lawsuit.

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