Suboxone Class Action Lawsuit – Buprenorphine Prescription

Suboxone has been one of the most popular Opioid medications ever created and is used in lots of different ways. If a consumer has an addiction to Opioid medications such as OxyContin or heroin, they may have purchased Suboxone from their local Wal-Mart or other drug store and been billed on the amount of buprenorphine that they need to take. Suboxone, which is marketed under several names, is also known as Naxalone or buprenorphine. Unfortunately, this is where problems can arise for consumers.

Suboxone Class Action Lawsuit

The problem stems from the fact that Suboxone is just one of many opioid agonists that are being marketed as generic medications. In fact, it is not even a brand name drug. The generic version was “hydrocodone” and was banned by the FDA in 2004 because it was being sold as a “substance” with no valid medical purpose. This puts Suboxone into a class of prescription drug called “mechanically fabricated drugs,” which means that it cannot be properly regulated by the FDA and the states are not required to prove that the products are real.

There have been more than thirty complaints filed with the FDA regarding suboxone film exposure.

The complaints range from severe, life-threatening respiratory issues to temporary paralysis. This is simply unacceptable. It is imperative that if there were an issue with the buprenorphine that the manufacturer took all reasonable steps to ensure that there were no hazards presented by the suboxone. There have been multiple studies done that confirm these findings. The study conducted by The Ohio State University showed that the average exposure of buprenorphine to patients was only 0.3 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day, which is well below the maximum recommended daily dose of opioids like OxyContin.

Suboxone is sold in dosages of 30 pills or a supply of two days, depending on the type of sublingual film (the small plastic film is thin, square shaped, and unobtrusive).

If you are a doctor or dentist that accepts payments for rescheduling services you will be required by the pharmaceutical companies to refill your supply of buprenorphine under the conditions that you order your suboxone. You can call your local provider or their local agent to place your order.

It is extremely important that you do not purchase more buprenorphine than is available for you to use. If you take a large amount of the drug you could develop a dependence and suffer from withdrawal symptoms. This can be extremely dangerous for those individuals who have a physical dependency on the drug.

Suboxone is an opioid agonist, meaning it controls the opioid receptors in the brain.

When you take buprenorphine, it replaces the opioids in your system thus allowing the receptors to less naturally fire off messages to the brain. Buprenorphine is only effective when it is actively being used in the body, but once the buprenorphine has been taken in a steady fashion to control an addiction it will become inactive in the body. Suboxone is designed to quickly reverse this state and return your system to a normal level of functionality.

Suboxone is marketed as an opioid analgesic, which means it has the ability to relieve acute pain by blocking the receptors of the opioid.

Although buprenorphine is not capable of treating any long term illnesses such as cancer or AIDS, it is being marketed for the purposes of relief of discomfort due to everyday day conditions such as constipation, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. The manufacturers of Suboxone realize that buprenorphine is a powerful medication and therefore they developed a plan to capitalize on this benefit without actually addressing some of the more serious side effects that could be associated with buprenorphine use. Suboxone is currently being prescribed to millions of individuals in the United States in an attempt to combat the problem of opioid abuse. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to prescription pain killers such as OxyContin, morphine, or codeine, you may be able to receive coverage under the provisions of a Suboxone Class Action Lawsuit. You should contact an experienced attorney immediately to discuss your case and the benefits that may be available to you.

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  1. I had to pay for my dr visits and meds out of pocket. I have asked drs to wing me off, but they seem not want to do this. I want to quit taking this drug and now I’m dependable as before with oxy.

    • Yes I have asked Dr to wean me off and I weaned myself off using a taper schedule found online. this last time I used Suboxone after relapse my teeth were decaying from under the tongue dissolve crap and I have 10,000 spent last year to save teeth. My family watched we struggle with depression and sleepiness it causes even at low dose. It caused more side effect than hell this last time. I went cold turkey I think it may be worse than original addiction.

      • Did you find a lawyer to help you, my husband is in the same situation he has been on Buprenorphine since 2011. Recently he was in the hospital for blood infection from his rotten teeth cause by the buprenorphine, he had to take all his teeth out so he could get well.

        • Brandon Helton May 25, 2024 at 7:04 pm

          I can’t find a lawyer that will take my class action subxon film case yet I’ve suffered for the last ten years I’ve taken subxon for over fifteen years and it they’ve destroyed my teeth left me in pain and I suffer daily can’t eat smile or anything I had beautiful teeth ten thousand in braces for what I get put on subxon and ten years later I’ve lost almost all my teeth and every one was traumatic can someone please help me I live in Harlan County Kentucky and it’s hard for me to get help I live in the mountains and they don’t care about the pain and suffering they’ve caused me

  2. Reply
    Michael D Stewart April 2, 2022 at 2:37 am

    it has caused my teeth issues is there a lawsuit against this

  3. Reply
    Michael D Stewart April 2, 2022 at 2:37 am

    it has caused my teeth issues is there a lawsuit against this

  4. i was a hardcore addict from young age and suboxone did save my life BUT after years of addiction frequenting pill pushing unethical doctors and over 15 years (maybe more i have lost track) i have seen the greed go out of control and care has gone out the window. In detroit since covid i have lost track of the doctors, dont know their name even or they mine. the first month of Covid the price went from $50 copay a month ti $600 and nobody cared. I said heroin was cheaper they shrugged. they prefer dirty urine which now doesnt get you kicked out just more visists and more copays. i could not even get rehab with 90 years of hard work between me and my husband and full BCBS we pay 800 a month for on fixed income while welfare girls i met were in over 20 rehabs. Anyways they put me on generic which put copay to $20 doctor and $15 med. Since generic i have gone from a size 10 to 4 and lost 5 teeth then had 5 root canals last sept ONE MONTH while the doctors weighed me in at same weight and really didnt give a crap. When i started it was strict, meetings a requirement, clean urine a requirement, counseling a requirement. its unbelievable i am alive. i have a really good life, i love the Lord, my marriage is fantastic again, many friends and joy. I am still on suboxone tho and it is still a stronghold and i am not healthy for being 59. my hand are crippled up and i hurt all the time and im pretty sure its subs. it was my choice i understand consequences and accept them. If there is any way i qualify for this class action i would like to be involved. It really isnt about the money for me. God has blessed us our bills are always paid. Its about ethics and ungodly greed in the pharmaceutical cartels and doctors. Greed is crumbling our wonderful free country and i am fed up with complacency and apathy. It is time to battle big business exploiting the vulnerable

  5. I am wondering about how I can get my name on the long list of other people who have had their teeth rot out of their face because of taking Suboxone. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  6. my bottom teeths were damaged from the use of them,i told a dentist about it said nothing

  7. my bottom teeths were damaged from the use of them,i told a dentist about it said nothing,how do i get into the lawsuit.

  8. I had to pay out of pocket for the dr visit plus pay for haveing my teeth pulled I still owe them a bill I’m still having bad tooth pain plus my teeth are lirterey breaking off in lil pieces just about every time I eat it will cost over a few thousand dollars if not more to get them fixed if they can even be fixed

  9. Suboxone film

    I was Prescribed this medication for more than 3 years no I have bad teeth I have an autistic child and I am suffering Constant withdrawal symptoms

  10. I began taking Suboxone over eight years ago. Then was switched to Subutex to help with the ridiculous prices I had to pay for Dr visits and the medication out of pocket cost. Subutex was significantly cheaper. Anyway, this doctor ended up moving and leaving his practice . Since then I have been through multiple clinics and telemedicine clinics through Covid. I want off of this medication more than anything. But in order to do so, I must go through a very long and intensive tapper process then once I get to the lowest dose and can’t go down anymore I am still going to feel very harsh withdraw symptoms that can last months . I can’t afford to lay in bed and feel like I’m knocking on deaths door for however long it takes. I have a career, a wife and three children that need their father and husband present and high functioning . This medication was presented to me like a wonder drug . After being on opioid pain medication for years it just wasn’t working right and my doctors didn’t want to just give me stongers ops. So the miracle of Suboxone was presented and I took the bate. Not one doctor or clinic has ever tried to tapper me off of this drug. Even when I ask they change the subject. Back in the day I remember doctors telling me that this is a medication they prefer patients to be on long term of even for the rest of my life . This is unacceptable and want off of this nightmare . I haven’t felt right since I started taking it . I feel like it has taken a part of my soul. I read a lot of comments about people losing their teeth. I still have everyone of mine with zero decay. It’s not the drug that’s causing the decay. It’s the chronic dry mouth that does it . Just wanted to make that clear . I would love any info that anyone might have as to how I can get in on one of the many class action suites against this drug and it’s manufacturers .

  11. I was on Suboxone films for 10 months for chronic pain and so I could stop taking
    the opiates my pain doctor prescribed. It did a great job on my chronic pain. However, it decayed at least 6 of my teeth in that short amount of time. It started at about 6 months with one tooth and just progressed. I quit taking it in December 22 because of this. The withdrawals were absolutely horrible and now I need extensive dental work and reconstruction. I was not warned about the tooth decay it causes among other things, like the withdrawals. if anyone has information on a class action lawsuit, please share that information. Thank you!

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