Spirit Airlines Lawsuit

A Spirit Airlines lawsuit has been filed against the pilot of a flight that crashed in Miami. Spirit is a major US carrier and is based out of Chicago. The accident happened at Oceana Airport. This is the same airport that had a severe mechanical malfunction a few weeks ago which led to several fatal crashes and injuries. There were conflicting stories about how the crash occurred, however, the airline has filed a lawsuit against the pilot and there will be a hearing to determine who is to blame.

A witness told the Miami Herald that the Spirit Airlines aircraft was descending rapidly when it impacted the asphalt runway.

It passed just above a C-MT airplane that was preparing to land. The crash resulted in one fatality and significant damage to the Spirit Airlines aircraft. The other aircraft landed safely. Although no passengers were injured in the crash, the pilot and other employees on the ground received minor injuries.

Spirit Airlines released a statement about the lawsuit, saying “Spirit Airlines deeply regrets that one of their aircraft crashed today. Our primary mission is to provide safe air travel for our passengers and our employees. We are also working with the FAA to ensure that all our aircraft are operating safely while following the necessary aviation safety guidelines. This accident has taken place three days, and we are working with our pilot and employees to determine the exact cause of this unfortunate event. We will take every step necessary to fully address this situation and take care of our customers and passengers.”

The Miami Herald article reported that Spirit Airlines “spokesperson” Pat Phelan said, “There’s a big mess on the ground and one pilot is down.

He’s the one who called 911 and they say he’s okay. I have a friend on the ground who saw the entire plane crash and saw the flames at the scene. It looked like an explosion, I’m just not sure.”

Spirit Airlines is one of the best-known and loved discount airlines, and its planes are a symbol of elegance, comfort, and convenience. Their fleet of airplanes carries some of the most popular names in the industry including Gulfstream, Boeing, and Air New Zealand. They have been in operation for many years and have a reputation for punctuality and friendly service.

If you or someone you know has experienced a serious injury or death caused by negligence in the aviation industry, you must contact an experienced aviation attorney as soon as possible. Contacting a lawyer now can stop any money from being paid out in your time of need. An aviation lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and stop Spirit Airlines from denying your claim. An attorney should be consulted immediately and action should be taken. Don’t wait until your loved ones suffer another trauma before you decide to contact an aviation lawyer.

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