Share The Road: Bikers, Motorists, and Pedestrians

We are halfway through the year and our goals to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle are being met. We get up early every morning to stretch our muscles waking them from their slumber and allow ourselves plenty of time to cook a well rounded, low carbohydrate breakfast. Not only that, but we have been consistent at making the effort to ride our bike into work rather than driving the car or taking the bus.

Seven months into the year and already we can see the positive results from our efforts in several aspects of our lives. We have more energy, we feel accomplished, we have more mental focus while at the office, and we even find ourselves getting better sleep through the night. All in all, this is a year for the books! Until, tragedy strikes.

Statistics for bike accidents involving motorized vehicles in Minnesota over a period of five years show nearly 3,000 bikers have been seriously injured. Here we have a large number of people in the world, just like us, setting goals to better their quality of life by keeping a more active lifestyle, and WHAM! Their lives get turned upside down.

We can ask and remind drivers of vehicles to remember they are sharing the road with cyclists, but in the end it’s best to always ride our bikes defensively. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when riding your bike alongside traffic:

  • Don’t assume that the vehicles surrounding you can see you, regardless of your bright vest, blinking lights, or reflective tape on your helmet. Always ride with caution.
  • If at a stop light or crossroads, make eye contact where possible to make sure the driver of the vehicle near you has seen you.
  • Create and keep as much space as possible between you and motorized vehicles. If you ever feel a driver is too close, make the effort to slow down and let them pass or find another route.
  • And if this is something you haven’t been doing, please make sure you have protective gear including some if not all: Helmet, gloves, traffic vest, reflectors on front and rear tires, and/or a bell.

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