How to Take Up a RHI Class Action Lawsuit

What is an RHI Class Action Lawsuit? It’s an action where you can take up the RHI claims against your local council. If you are not satisfied with the result of the RHI claim process, you can go ahead with a class action lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve.

You may be one of thousands who have been affected by the scandal that happened in the local government agency responsible for paying the property tax on the homes of those people who have lived illegally in the UK. The property tax is paid by the taxpayer every month but they are not aware that the money they are paying could be going to criminals. This is one reason why a class action law suit has been brought against the local government and the council for this.

There are hundreds if not thousands of home owners who have been affected by this scandal and want to get compensated. A class action lawsuit is a legal way of taking up these claims. In most cases, you will be able to take up the claims against the council, local authorities and the RHI Company itself.

The RHI Company was established in 2020 and was supposed to help the local authorities in the UK save money. But, what it did was not a good idea at all. The cost of running the RHI program was too high and the costs for hiring private contractors were also very expensive. So, in order to make up for the loss in revenue, the local government started to outsource the work to contractors who charged them a fee for performing the work.

But, what the government did not know was that the contractor was not licensed to do the work as he had signed an agreement to work on behalf of the local government and the council. So, the contractor started doing whatever he wanted and the costs soon rose.

After the RHI scandal erupted, the local government, the council and the RHI company had to bear huge costs to get back the money which they had lost due to the contractors’ overcharging. However, the council cannot sue just anyone who was involved in the RHI fraud. Therefore, you can take up a case for your rights against the contractor.

In most cases, if you are able to prove that the contractor overcharged you, the amount you have to be compensated will be more than the RHI claim amount that has been set at. So, you will be able to recover your expenses and make the compensation payment against the cost of the work that was performed.

If you are not satisfied with the result of the RHI claim process, you can take up a class action lawsuit against the company and the council for compensating you. And if your case succeeds, you can get your expenses reimbursed to you so that you can pay off your debts. Even then, the amount recovered from the claim will be less than the amount the council would have had to pay to repair the damages.

You will be in a better position of getting compensation claim when you take up the case yourself rather than taking the help of a lawyer. You can get a lot of information about the procedure from the local government website and other information from the Internet.

You should also make sure to check the local newspaper and magazines for any new developments. There may be news about the case that will have not been covered earlier. And, there may be instances where a former council employee may be telling some new things which will help you to fight the case.

You can also hire a lawyer to represent you if you think you don’t know how to do this on your own. or if you are unable to do the legal work on your own.

If you think that the lawyer you hired is charging exorbitant fees, then you should look for someone who is affordable by going to an attorney or legal aid. But, never ever go with a firm that does not guarantee the services they are offering in writing. These firms may be charging more fees but they won’t be able to give you the full value of their time.

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