Rachael Ray Lawsuit

Rachael Ray recently filed a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan, alleging that the WWE star knew he was sexually abusing her while they were together. Hulk has strenuously denied the charges, calling Rachael “a liar” and saying that she is “delusional”. Recently, Rachael Ray made another accusation, this time in an interview on CNN. In her CNN interview, she called Hulk a “rapist”.

Rachael Ray Lawsuit

So, what does this all mean? How can two women have an argument about whether or not the Hulk is a rapist? And does this case have any merit? Well, it’s complicated. The first thing to note is that Rachael isn’t a calling the police, she’s simply accusing Hulk of assault. We have a few different views on this, but in order to understand where the case stands we have to ask ourselves…

First off, it is important to remember that sexual assault is rape.

If Rachael Ray is telling the truth about being raped by Hulk Hogan, then that is a very serious charge and violation of his own rights. Still, is there anything that would make Ray’s lawsuit different than if she had just taken some steroids? Maybe. But as far as the law is concerned, she shouldn’t be prosecuted for attempting to take advantage of a man who knew he was a sexual abuser.

What about other women who have brought lawsuits against men like Hulk Hogan?

Have they ever mentioned any sexual harassment? Well, I can tell you this…women suing big corporations are rarely litigators. Most of them are actually stay-at-home moms looking to instill rights for themselves. Whether Rachael Ray is a lawyer or not, her lawsuit is likely to wind up in court because, as she and many other women have learned, it doesn’t really matter what the facts are on the surface of the accusations.

The real issue in the case is whether or not the media has sensationalized the story enough to deserve a place in the general public consciousness.

Will the real world judge see that as a valid claim? It is highly doubtful. It is also highly doubtful that anyone in the legal or entertainment worlds would listen to Rachael Ray’s lawsuit due to the nature of the accusations. After all, this is Hollywood and people are famous for exaggerating their own credentials to sell products.

However, there are things we do know about the case and the lawsuit.

It is unlikely that Rachael Ray’s lawsuit will succeed. However, it is still worth exploring because we are all familiar with the “rape lawsuit” phenomenon in which women falsely accuse a man of rape, falsely get custody of their children, and falsely win. Hopefully, this won’t become a pattern.

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