Provigil Lawsuit Settlement

In the Provigil lawsuit, a New York based law firm has won a case against the makers of Provillus. The Provillus is an oral yeast treatment that was designed to treat male impotence and to cure sexual dysfunction. When men or women take the oral medication, it suppresses their ability to produce the natural yeast, which results in their loss of interest in sex and a lack of erection.

Provigil Lawsuit Settlement

The New York law firm, Provence & Becker, sued the company which produced Provillus, AstraZeneca, and their sales agent, Scott Paxson. They filed the suit against them because they claimed that the drugs caused them to have severe mental and physical side effects and as a result of this, they lost their ability to engage in sex. According to the law firm, the pills also had numerous side effects that made the users’ health to deteriorate rapidly and one of the side effects was depression. This led to the suit.

According to the Provillus lawsuit, the drug was manufactured in six different phases.

The company tried to get this case thrown out by claiming that the drug is not designed for curing erectile dysfunction. The court however, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. This then forced the company to redesign the oral medication to be able to go through the FDA approval process. The company also changed the name of the drug from Yohimbe to provirus.

The damages claimed by the plaintiff are for negligence.

They are claiming for past and present medical expenses that they have incurred due to the treatment, for emotional anguish and suffering and for pain and suffering. They are seeking punitive damages as well. Another claim that the lawsuit is seeking to recover is for mental anguish and suffering as well as past and present mental health concerns that the plaintiff has suffered. This may lead to additional cases filed against the manufacturers of the Provillus.

So far, the company has settled out of court without admitting guilt.

In May of 2021, the United States Federal Trade Commission decided to settle the case out of court without going to trial. This decision was based on the fact that the company had provided sufficient evidence pointing to the negligent nature of their actions. Thus, it was decided to settle out of court.

The case is being handled by lawyers who are veterans of the trial court system.

It is hoped that this will set a precedent for other limitations such as the ones that may arise out of dangerous prescription drugs. It is not uncommon for drug manufacturers to be sued for their actions. Such cases are usually settled out of court because the settlement requires the consent of both parties to reach an agreement outside of the court.

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