Prime Communications Lawsuit – How a Corporate Attorney

A Prime Lawsuit Against Prime Communications – How a Corporate Attorney Can Help

The San Francisco-based workers’ compensation litigation law firm of Blumenthal, Nordrehragh and Bhowmak filed a putative class-action lawsuit against Prime Communications Corporation for supposedly failing to give their California employees the legally mandated thirty minutes per day of uninterrupted, mealtime breaks. The plaintiffs, represented by attorney David B. Blumberg, alleged that Prime failed to provide to its employees mealtime breaks in violation of the California Labor Code, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the California Code of Regulations.

A jury found for Prime, and it was subsequently awarded a verdict that was upheld in S.F. Superior Court. But this decision was subsequently reversed by the Court of Appeal, thus rendering the case moot.

According to the plaintiffs, Prime failed to recognize the necessity for employee break regulations because they did not consider this an essential part of their business operations. However, according to the court, Prime’s failure to make this crucial element a part of their operations was immaterial to their business and therefore did not require employee breaks. The plaintiff’s attorneys claim that the business’ failure to provide mealtime breaks was also responsible for the workers’ compensation injury sustained by one of their clients, and therefore should have been a mitigating factor for the plaintiffs. Furthermore, because Prime did not consider employee break regulations important, the company was negligent in failing to ensure that these regulations were complied with.

In addition to paying the verdict award to the workers’ compensation plaintiffs, the company also has to pay to their attorneys, for their defense fees, and for their expenses. According to the plaintiff’s attorneys, the company is expected to be liable for this amount. As such, they are asking the court to grant class certification.

The case is a very significant one, because it could set a precedent for similar cases. This means that Prime could be held liable if it was found liable in other similar situations. It also means that if a similar case is successful, the employees of Prime may have the same rights as the employees of Blumenthal, Nordrehragh and Bhowmak. and that this case could have a direct impact on other cases, as well.

Litigation is a process, and settlement of cases can take years. When this process has been exhausted, a settlement offer can be made.

For more information, or for further comment on the case, or on the settlement offer, contact our San Francisco labor lawyers at Blumenthal & Associates. or Blumenthal & Nordrehragh. for more information about this matter.

To learn more about the case, or on this issue, please contact our San Francisco labor law firms. or Blumenthal & Associates.

If you would like to discuss your case, either with our corporate attorney or with one of our private attorneys, please contact us. or Blumenthal & Associates for more information.

In addition to seeking damages from Prime Communications, the plaintiffs’ complaint seeks an award of punitive damages. based on the conduct of the company. According to the complaint, the company had failed to properly train its employees, which resulted in an unsafe working environment and a risk of injury for all employees.

We represent individuals who are injured in a Prime Communications lawsuit. and we believe that this lawsuit is without merit and we intend to fight it vigorously on behalf of our clients.

Our goal is to protect your rights as an employee. You should contact one of our experienced San Francisco labor attorneys today for more information about this matter.

We can also provide you with corporate counsel to discuss this matter. In the case of a Prime lawsuit, we will fight on your behalf, protecting your rights as an employee.

Whether or not the case goes to trial, or whether or not we are able to receive compensation from Prime, we want to make sure that you have all the legal help you need. to make sure you win your lawsuit.

Please contact our San Francisco labor lawyers at Blumenthal & Associates. or Blumenthal & Nordrehragh. for more information about this matter.

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