New Lawsuit Update From the National Injuries Trial Service (NITS)

One of the more popular forms of birth control currently on the market is Mirena, which has been in the market for over a decade. Mirena is a combination of two different pharmaceuticals, estrogen and progestin, that have been designed to be used by women experiencing certain issues with their reproductive systems. These issues can range from irregular periods to ovulation problems to trouble conceiving. It is for these reasons that a Mirena lawsuit update is so important.

The Mirena lawsuit update is a study produced by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS) to evaluate the safety of Mirena. This group is a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This study intended to determine whether or not Mirena was causing cancer and other reproductive system issues in humans.

The results of this study were staggering, to say the least. The report determined that over two thousand cases of cancer and reproductive system-related issues had been resolved due to the use of Mirena. Included in these cases were two fatal cases in which the mother died as a result of an arena lawsuit update. The lawsuit report went on to state that despite these tragic instances, the lawsuit had proved successful in achieving its main goal of decreasing the number of Mirena pregnancies that resulted in fatalities. It is for these reasons that a Mirena lawsuit update is being released at this time.

As previously mentioned, this particular study intended to determine if Mirena was causing cancer or reproductive system problems. Because of this, it was determined that the lawsuit was not only legal but also successful. However, the NIEHS did go one step further and added that a Mirena lawsuit update was also good for pregnant women who might be at risk for miscarriage. Because the arena has shown to increase the risk of these particular miscarriages, the NIEHS concluded that pregnant women who might be at risk for miscarriage should speak with their doctor about the lawsuit.

There are other benefits to being able to stop a Mirena lawsuit as well. As mentioned above, the NIEHS also pointed out that the Mirena lawsuit update decreases the number of reported births and premature births. This, the NIEHS believes, is because arena usage reduces the amount of insulin that is required for a pregnant woman to deliver her child. In addition to this benefit, the NIEHS also pointed out that arena lawsuit victims are assisted with finding a doctor who will administer chemotherapy to cure their cancerous cells. Mirena lawsuit victims were also given information regarding how to find financial support for themselves and their children if they lost their health because of the Mirena lawsuit.

Overall, the NIEHS is pleased with the Mirena lawsuit update. The organization feels that the information provided is helpful to those who are considering whether or not to file a lawsuit against Hobby Lobby. However, as with any legal issue, one must always be cautious when reviewing legal documents and literature. For those considering filing a lawsuit, the best advice is still to consult your doctor. The doctor can inform you whether or not the effects of the drugs in question will prove to be harmful to you. If you do decide to proceed with filing a lawsuit, remember to contact a highly experienced personal injury attorney to help you through the process.

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