6 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Divorce Procedure

Divorce procedures are stressful irrespective of the type of divorce. Many couples realize later that they committed some avoidable mistake during divorce procedure leading to litigation. Why spend on legal charges later if you can avoid future stress by hiring an attorney today and ensuring that the person takes care of every vital aspect of your divorce?

Avoid common divorce mistakes with a Divorce Lawyer in Boca Raton

1. Adopting the Do-It-Yourself approach

Even if you and your spouse are in agreement on issues like the division of marital assets, child support & custody, taking guidance from a lawyer is in your best interest. Most people fail to realize their standard of living may change after the divorce and make arrangements for it.

Besides, if you are not a pro navigating financial records and documenting assets, your spouse could outpower you. You run the risk that your spouse is secretly taking legal advice and safeguarding his or her interest.

2. Having a common lawyer between you and your spouse

In several peaceful divorce cases, the spouses agree to share a lawyer to save on legal charges. However, if your friendly divorce becomes unfriendly mid-way, you are at the risk of endangering your best interest. In such a situation, you require a separate attorney committed to defending your case.

3. Taking legal advice from sources other than a specialized Divorce Lawyer

The most common mistake people make is acting on a friend’s or family member’s advice who has undergone a divorce. You should understand that every divorce case is unique and the laws applicable in your particular case might be different.

Also, taking advice from a lawyer friend who does not practice Divorce Law is another big mistake. You cannot take advice for divorce from a Business Lawyer or a Class Action Lawyer.

4. Not taking the best interest of your children into consideration

Many people try to use their children as a tool to get even with their ex-spouse. Not only does it harm your relationship with your children but also works against you in the court of law. The court is particular about protecting the best interest of the children during divorce proceedings.

5. Miscalculation of child support

One of the common divorce mistakes is not realistically estimating child care costs while determining child support. This mistake leads to future litigation expenses. The spouse receiving child support payments should also take care of guarantees such as having the other spouse agree to transfer the insurance policy to ensure future payments.

6. Taking decisions on spousal support emotionally

If you are a woman who has worked and supported the family for years while your spouse was unemployed, you should claim rehabilitation spousal support. Also, if you have sacrificed your career to take care of family or kids for years, you are eligible for rehabilitative spousal support to acquire training to become employable again.

Taking the emotional decision of not claiming this short-term support is a mistake you will regret as time passes by and you find it difficult making ends meet.

If you are in Boca Raton you should hire an experienced Divorce Lawyer holding the license to practice in the state of Florida. LawTally helps you find an expert lawyer to guide you through the divorce process.

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