Midland Class Action Lawsuit

A Midland class action lawsuit has been settled between Midland Cash Advance, LLC and Midland Debt Management, Inc., with Class Members from Pennsylvania to resolve charges that Midland repeatedly sent inaccurate, deceptive, and unfair debt collection letters to many consumers about a huge debt they supposedly owed from Verizon Communications Pennsylvania. This is a class action lawsuit that can help consumers and help the credit card companies as well.

According to Midland Cash Advance, the company had sent numerous letters to millions of people in the state of Pennsylvania who are not Verizon customers, notifying them that they were delinquent on their Verizon accounts. The letters, according to Midland Cash Advance, do not have the necessary proof that the debtors owe Verizon and they are not valid legal documents.

The company says that this is not a direct marketing campaign nor does it happen with any other credit card company. However, this has been proven to be one of the biggest fraud cases in American history, costing many innocent people a lot of money and putting many of their rights at risk.

Consumers complained to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the situation and the agencies concluded that the situation is very serious and warrants a class action lawsuit. They said that there are many cases of fraudulent, abusive and unlawful direct marketing campaigns in the same industry, which is why they called this case a “pattern.” In this case, the FTC said the “pattern” of the illegal and deceptive marketing campaign was consistent across all areas where the Midland debt management company operates.

Debtors also complained to the Attorney General’s office of Pennsylvania that the debt collection letters are not only sending bad faith messages to the consumers, but that they are also violating laws against debt collection and advertising practices. They said that the letters are used to intimidate and harass these debtors and in some cases, the debtors have actually lost their job because of their debt and inability to pay their creditors.

There are some other complaints against Midland debt management, including a customer claiming to have been sent a series of nine debt collection calls, a claim that the debt collection agent was rude, and the customer being told that if he did not pay his debt, he would get a letter in the mail stating that the account holder had filed a bankruptcy. in order to collect the money. The customers claimed that the debt collector threatened them and said that he could not collect the money without a court order. in other words, he threatened that the debtors would have to face foreclosure, which would mean losing their homes.

Another complaint was made by credit card companies and card holders who received phone calls from a Midland debt collection agent asking for money, they are not obligated to pay for credit card bills. The debt collector asked for money to cover the balance owed by some of the clients’ accounts in order to make the payments to the card companies, which is illegal, according to Midland Cash Advance and other companies. Some other people complained that they were pressured to pay these high interest rates and fees by the debt collectors, which is also illegal. The debt collectors also demanded a large upfront payment that included late fees, charges and penalties, which is another violation of the law.

The debt collector even accused some of their customers of “unpaid interest,” which is not legally defined as a debt and is considered harassment. Consumers also complained that the debt collectors tried to talk them into paying upfront and even said that they could be sued or pursued for non-payment if they didn’t pay the debt in full.

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