Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit Updates

Medtronic Injuries Litigation Updates

Medtronic’s lawsuit results against the defendant, G.R. Orthodontics Inc., changed the landscape of bone graft surgeries forever. Because Medtronic was involved in the lawsuit, the company learned that it would be held liable for any future victims who might suffer injuries at the hands of its surgeons and staff. The new lawsuit resulted in sweeping changes to the way surgeries are performed.

Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit Updates

The lawsuits ultimately resulted in significant changes to the way surgeries are conducted at Medtronic. In addition to terminating its involvement in the lawsuit, the company decided to change its bone graft policies. It has always been policy that surgeons perform a bone graft only if the patient has a medical necessity, like a broken hip or leg. But, now, if a patient requires the surgery simply because he or she suffers from pain resulting from other conditions, the surgeons would not perform the operation.

The lawsuit’s primary focus was on whether Medtronic was liable for a number of deaths and injuries that took place.

According to the findings of the investigators, the reason why a number of patients did not survive the operations is because of a number of errors that were made by one of the physician authors involved in the documentation process. At the time, according to the investigators, the company had not set out a plan for inspecting its processes during the Bone Graft Planning and Development process.

Unfortunately, it was not until the investigation was complete and a report was submitted to the insurance carrier that Medtronic finally realized what had gone wrong. As a result of the changes made to its Bone Graft Policy, last year alone, there was a loss of over one percent of its revenue due to claims that could not be justified as a result of the inadequate documentation.

The company has also determined that illegal marketing practices were involved in some cases, leading to patient injury.

Additionally, the investigators found that one of the bone graft doctors had improperly approved the procedure using unapproved and unsafe substances. This, according to the investigators, caused the company to lose a large amount of money in marketing fees. Additionally, the illegal advertising practices also contributed to the company’s financial losses.

In response to the findings of the Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft lawsuit updates, the company has also made some changes to its processes.

For example, it will now require its doctors to obtain more extensive training prior to performing the bone tissue grafting procedure. This will help ensure that only highly qualified doctors will have access to the infuse grafts and will help to prevent further accidents. The company is also required to provide training to its bone tissue engineers, who will be required to learn the proper procedures from bone tissue experts. The updates will be implemented as the case moves forward.

Another issue related to the bone grafting was that it did not allow for enough flexibility of choice of surgeons.

This, according to the plaintiffs, allowed some doctors to attempt to perform substandard grafts on patients. The new updates that will be put into place by Medtronic should correct this issue. In addition, the company is required to submit to the FDA all records relating to the process, and any changes that have been made since the original case was filed. This will help to ensure that both the FDA and Medtronic itself are made aware of any changes that may affect the safety of the public.

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