HPV Lawsuit – Did Your Flu Shot Hurt?

A recent news article reported that Guillain Barre, a former VP of marketing for Autodesk, has died. The article indicated that he had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and that the cause was the HPV virus. According to the article, Guillain Barre co-founded a company to assist those who were having HPV-related cancer. His wife Trudy is an attorney and is actively involved in the company. He is survived by his son.

In July 2021, Johnson & Johnson released a clinical study reporting on their research involving the HPV vaccine called Gardasil, also known as the HPV strain type 13.

The vaccine was recommended for use by women of all ages but there were concerns that women with advanced stages of cervical cancer may not be able to receive the vaccine due to the increased risk of contracting ovarian cancer. At the time, Guillain Barre’s wife Trudy was listed as a medical contact for the company. It is unknown if any of the attorneys assisting Johnson & Johnson knew about her connection to the company and the vaccine or how she was compensated for her role in the case. Johnson & Johnson issued a statement saying that the woman was no longer a business associate.

Johnson & Johnson released another statement saying, in part, that “a man of their knowledge and experience… signed the document creating this position, and had access to important data regarding this topic… our doctor relied on this doctor’s judgment in making his decision to include the Gardasil vaccine in the formulations of our cream and capsules.” Johnson & Johnson did not disclose that Trudy was a medical contact for the company. John Johnson did not say whether Trudy was aware of her connection to the vaccine during the time she worked at the Johnson & Johnson site when Gardasil was being developed. The spokespersons for both Johnson & Johnson and Gardasil did not respond to requests for additional information.

One of the most compelling arguments presented by HPV litigation specialists is that Gardasil causes genital HPV infection (HPV).

If this were true, it would follow that vaccines causing HPV infection could also cause HPV infection, leading to genital HPV infection, genital warts, etc. In addition, it would follow that the vaccines causing HPV infection could also cause certain medical problems like miscarriages or other reproductive diseases. Therefore, a Minnesota injury lawyer with experience in HPV litigation could present evidence of medical harm caused by Gardasil, and that this harm could be due to Gardasil.

Some of the leading doctors who argue that the rotavirus vaccine caused the outbreak of HPV are Dr. Bruce Goldwater, M.D., and Dr. Walter D. Kapetan, M.D. These doctors are currently leading studies funded by a major pharmaceutical company to develop a vaccine to fight genital HPV. Although these doctors have not received any compensation for their statements, some of their colleagues in the medical field are being sued for statements they’ve made regarding the alleged link between the rotavirus vaccine and genital HPV infection.

The bottom line is that there is no clear-cut link between the rotavirus vaccine and any health problem. However, there has been a connection between this vaccine and anaphylactic shock and other serious conditions including pneumonia, Guillain Barre Syndrome, meningitis, and severe allergic reactions. If you or a loved one are suffering from one of these conditions after receiving a flu shot, contact your attorney immediately to learn more about filing an HPV lawsuit.

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